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  1. I can not believe that any post with "okie" in it is not banned from the DINAR VETS site and I don't care care who trys to drag him from other sites.Take action ADAM!!! This guy creates his entertainment and pleasure from deceipt and the misery of others.
  2. NOTHING IS GETTING DONE IN IRAQ!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTIME THEY REPORT PROGRESS THEY FOLLOW IT UP WITH A RETRACTION. THEY ARE TRULY A CORRUPT AND IGNORANT PEOPLE(in the government) All the poor people that are starving with no support have no choice but to take the crap their government throws at them!!!!!!
  3. HA! HA! HA! I like this!
  4. I'LL jump on this bandwagon,thank you !!! Nice post!
  5. I bet this dude goes to the same church or (mosque) that OBAMA attends!!!!!!!! You can be sure he is not a vereran of our military!
  6. People want to know what the hold up is,well i'll tell you, MALIKI AND ALLAWI!!!!!! The HCL,CHAPTER 7,SECURITY ,DEFENSE and INTERIOR MINESTRIES along with MALIKI not being willing to follow the arbil agreement.How many times have these issues been brought to the forefront only to be held up by the power struggle between MALIKI & ALLAWI.This pissing match has litterally caused a roadblock to IRAQ'S progress and allowed IRANIAN controlled terrorist (AL-SADR) to continue attacks on iraqi's and americans without consequence due to the completion of a government body with a INTERIOR DEFENSE SE
  7. How much longer can this rediculous crap between MALIKI and ALLAWI continue.They have created a total roadblock for IRAQ to move foward with the economy.ALLAWI does absolutely nothing but hold things up!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I don't see this happening until the security seats are finalized and the power struggles are settled because of the fact that the HCL determines which political party controls IRAQ'S OIL!!!!!!!!!! Shabibi has always said he needs security before a RV can happen so we may have to wait a while longer.
  9. Maybe he is going to announce the "RV OF THE US DOLLAR" god knows we have the oil and gdp to back it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!
  11. I'm sure the bombings are the work of the terrorist AL-SADR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It may not affect the value of the new currency but let's hope it's a different story for the currency in circulation now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. HEY! I wonder what name BLAINO is going under now ?
  14. Maybe you can study the muslim beliefs and see if they fit into the christian,american way of life. How about the part where they can force marriage and sex at the age of nine.Many young girls have died from hemmorage. that is only one of their beliefs please pull it up on the internet and read a little bit.
  15. I wonder which ARAB KING will be our master? Glad i'm a male ,women get treated like crap over there !!! ha! ha! OBAMA wants to get rid of our FLAG,our BIBLE and our DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. It's people with your attitude that allow the obamas of the world to destroy our country and rights!
  19. If you worked as hard at finding the truth about this investment as you do making up LIES we might just gain a little more insight!!
  20. I believe "RON PAUL" wants to step up to the plate and try to help america!!!!!
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