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  1. I tried to get the title of book in the video from Catherine Fitt but couldn’t read it quick enough did anyone else get the title?
  2. We have lots of democratic leaders that know a lot about a free and fair election just ask them😂🤣😳
  3. 14 years of wondering when, it looks very promising!! Thanks for such gooood news!
  4. Instead of posting a photo of the Twin Towers burning on Sept. 11, 2001, we wanted to share this photo of the Tower of Voices at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Somerset County. Standing 93 feet high, it features a wind chime for each of the 40 individuals who died on Flight 93 when the hijacked plane crashed in the field on that fateful day. It's often quite windy there at the 2,200-acre park and the sound of those wind chimes is breathtakingly beautiful. If you have a chance, visit the Flight 93 Memorial and never forget what happened on that tragic day.
  5. I have had mine since 2004, put it away and forgot about it. Was told in March 2011 that any day it would rv, is it still any day? Oh well I have learned alot in the last 7 months but, mostly patience!
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