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  1. Tiff would you consider me giving you a (-) to be domestic violence against women?
  2. I will give you a ( - ) just for fun. Thanks for the post though. Good work. Seriously.
  3. Well if your dumb enough to cross country in a 1990 bus running on cooking oil with only 400 bucks to your name, Id really hate to think of what kinds of things you will be up to post rv. In my opinion the less dinar you and others like you have the better.
  4. OH hey Kingfish, its good to know you didn't croak on us.
  5. Well He hasn't said much lately.
  6. It sounds to me like Roger was never really your Friend Anyways.
  7. Has anyone heard from kingfish lately? Im starting to worry about him.
  8. Why is it every time a group of people want to wipe a different race of people off the planet they always go for the Jews?
  9. The optimist says, "The cup is half full." The pessimist says, "The cup is half empty." The child of God says, "My cup runneth over." so, your saying that okie has dropped his cup?
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