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  1. We have Good Sam emergency road side assistance for RV's
  2. Guess you can only edit a post once huh? here it is Yah we really like it here, Michelle keeps telling me stuff like "Fort Collins was voted as No. 1 best place to live in 2001, 2nd place in 2006, and 6th in 2010 by money magazine. We should just stay here." lol, but she hasn't seen the North West yet. We'll see if she changes her tune once we get up to those evergreens and mountains. There is a chance we end up back here though, I can't think of a better place to get stuck, except maybe Fiji but it would take a lot of 55gal barrels for flotation and veggie oil to get the bus there.
  3. Ha! well everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm just more adventurous than most I guess. We started out with 2k but RV parks, unseen expenses, and small repairs along the way ate the money up. Thanks for checking it out, I'll see what's up with the feedback, it's our first attempt at a blog, I'm sure It'll get better with time. Dont' know where you looked but I went in the North west wing just past seattle's best coffee outside of security. here's the number if you want to call them and ask if you need a ticket to exchange money, I think they have a website too (303) 342-0190
  4. the Cooking oil is free behind any fast food joint. I've saved over a Grand already by running on cooking oil. The mechanic said the turbo was going to go out sooner or later, it's old. good news is it's only gonna cost $900 to fix it. We'll be back on the road probably no later than Friday. Thanks for all the positive feedback, Michelle is 26 weeks along now and due Dec 1st We're only broke at the moment due to the cost of the move anyway and I'll be back on top in a month so no worries about taking care of my GF and all that noise. We're both well fed happy and enjoying the time together crossing the country. Fort Collins is beautiful by the way, not a bad place to get stuck at all. We started a blog today if you guys want to check it out. Cheers, Dave
  5. My GF and I are moving from Southern Louisiana to Seattle Washington on the 1990 Schoolbus/RV I built pulling everything we own in a 30ft trailer, running on Used Cooking oil the entire way. We broke down at the Wyoming/Colorado border a few days ago and had to get towed back to Fort Collins Colorado to get repaired cause the turbo unit went Kaput. Unfortunately we were down to our last $400 when it blew. After $100 and 2 days at the KOA due to the breakdown happening on Fri afternoon, and then $100 down again for the tow to the mechanic for the trailer we were towing. We had to go and cash in most of my Dinar to pay for the repair. The closest place was the Denver Airport's Foreign Currency Exchange. I was debating how much to cash in when the girl behind the counter asked me why I wasn't going to wait for the RV to be announced. I asked her what she meant and she said the RV happened last week and they were waiting for the announcement. This totally Screwed my head up since I was about to cash it in... My pregnant GF was standing next to me and her reaction was priceless. She said "I think I'm gonna Puke." and then walked away as I second guessed myself on weather or not to cash in any of my investment. After a few phone calls to friends, a little more prodding of the cashier about dates and the Rate. and I got out of her that she Heard that it had RV'd and she didn't know a rate. Only that they were paying 1380 dinar to the Dollar and I decided the best thing for us to get on the road again was to cash in my 4M dinar for only $2761.61 Grrrrrrrrr. I love buying in at 1800 and cashing in at 1380 and the exchange fee on top of it. Good news is we're going to be back on the road in a day or two, bad news is I only have 180,000 dinar left... I had to keep some. Now I'm probably the only one that hopes the RV waits another 2 months so I can gat back in.
  6. I turn it on myself quite often, I'm a work in progress but I think I'm getting the hang of loving my neighbor lately more then ever. You're right, there are a lot of "you's" in my post, I'll try to work on that and try not come off so quarrelsome in the future.
  7. Did you Even Read the Verse? It backs up my Point Perfectly. Just another Example of someone Bending the words of the Bible to fit their own agenda and manipulate a Verse by taking out one line that has nothing to do with the Message of the verse. You Missed the Point "Brother." It has to do with the Quarrels within due to Loving the World and Coveting. "You adulterous people!" it says. Next time Read the entire Paragraph
  8. You Should All Be Ashamed for Asking God for a financial Windfall. "Please Lord Make Me Rich so I can Help Others?" What a Load of ****. You need to spend more time being Thankful for what you have if your Prayers are so Self Absorbed. Booooo Booooo Most "Christians" care about themselves more than they do God's True Will for their lives, And this is just another Example of that same "Off God's Path" Behavior that Rules their Actions. When you Stand before your Savior on Judgement Day you will realize how Wrong you entire lives have been with your Selfish Interpretation of the Bible. This is just as bad as That West Baptist Church's Interpretation that came to the Conclusion that "God Hates." "God Is Love" Most People can go their entire lives trying to Understand ONE concept of the Bible and that is "Love your Neighbor as you Love Yourself." And You still Won't accomplish it Fully. Start by getting your Family "Off The Grid," Away from "Media's Influence," and Feeding their Temples (Bodies) like it's an Offering to God all healthy for the Body, Pray and Meditate for your Soul, and Read the Bible for your Mind and then you will Only start to Begin to understand the Path of Jesus. Your Priorities Are Off "Christians." Who are Praying for God to make the RV happen.
  9. I'm not bashing God, I'm a Christian too, But the post is **** and should be in Other topics
  10. Why do people bother to post this ****?
  11. Jeez.... Another person blaming Obama for all their problems in life. The 3 tier is the dumbest thing i've heard yet on this site. So the CBI is just waiting for Obama's say so to change the Rate on their website? Common! Use some common sense. There has been NO RV yet. Just put it in your safe and think of it as a long term investment.
  12. Sory, I wyll tri too spel beter neckst tyme.
  13. Man I just caught the last 10min, can someone sum up what i missed? Thanks
  14. And The CBI rate hasn't changed again, just like every other time the RV "Happened" you are the Harold Camping of the RV possum
  15. Funny how the CBI rate hasn't changed, Again....
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