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  1. And on it goes simply more talk, talk, talk, and no results, more talk to create another crisis. Funny this Iraq situation they seem to be beating us (U.S.) at our own game the money game.
  2. It has been so quiet for the past ten years it is not going to happen.
  3. Wonder what time in the am he started drinking today?
  4. Here we go 2 steps forward 6 steps backwards.
  5. 12th of Never seems pretty accurate to me.
  6. Totally agree a wise man changes his mind a fool never.
  7. Day trading in its simplest form is nothing short of casino gambling, anyone who thinks they can scalp the market for short term gains in the end is going to end up a net loser.
  8. Gee, I wonder about those in Washington who claim things are so tough well maybe they need to get off of their immoral and unethical pedestal's and learn to live like common folks with a set of values starting first and foremost on how to get along and respect one another for the good of the U.S. citizens who elected these officials into office. If the job to represent the American people is too tough as you claim then maybe then it is time to reconsider and step down, as this demonstrates a weakness in leadership. In times such as these the United States requires strong leadership along with strong individuals who can represent and lead by example.
  9. The Colonel makes some very valid points, I will reserve my thoughts and comments as in the future these thoughts are more than likely going to have to be put into action.
  10. There are not any words that can explain this lack of operational oversight, just remember it doesn't stop here with the I.G. it moves all the way to the top, no checks and balance system what-so-ever.
  11. Agree, would be willing to bet the U.S. does not have the amount of gold reserves on hand in which they claim.
  12. What-ever currency policy they decide to implement you can bet it is going to be met with even more delay, corruption, and political disagreements, the real people all this effects the most are the Iraqi citizens themselves who deserve better. Biblical facts state "currency is the rude of all evil."
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