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  1. you should consider yourself least he put you in tha going to say majority of the other websites would of just banned you....
  2. I think this clown takes roll playing games a little to serious..
  3. oh whatever.....this clown okie, plays the good guy...with bad whiling to bet any kinda of amount that okie, and company already have a third part collection group primed and ready to take whatever is given to them......dont believe this Wolf.....he is def wearing sheep clothing.
  4. oh too funny.... goes the the expression...." I got this cat, you hold the tail"
  5. Does this dude need to do a Jihad on everything? He is such a freaking child.....
  6. So you have taking 36 years of whatever experience and you went and showed your pretty sure no one asked you for you initial info....and to get butt hurt over something that was self inflicted is kinda weird.... i mean you go on and say, you....volunteered info and got ate 2 ways from sunday....i get are you going to get know that these people on this board are extremely sensitive when it comes to this investment......keep in mind it almost seems like there is a mob mentality here on this site.....especially if it has something to do with dreams crushin
  7. what is amazing, is that...ron paul looks like a coward.....prob is one...obama is a coward, bush most def a coward.... NOT ONE has been to F" all of these coward politicians.... im sorry im just a bitter old vet, that just woke up this morning dreaming of SrA Javis a really good friend of mine...since basic....just spoke to him last night..........he died in Iraq......this same time today.....over a bullshitte war that should of never been..... i dont know why im so upset right now....i just know that all of you.....i mean all of you act as if....this has something to do with y
  8. i would so love to crawl on my belly at a snails pace, for miles just for that money shot......gotta get the red smoke.....Maliki has got to go.
  9. Definition of *** 1 a : happily excited : merry <in a *** mood> b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits <a bird's *** spring song> 2 a : bright, lively <*** sunny meadows> b : brilliant in color 3 : given to social pleasures; also : licentious 4 a : homosexual <*** men> b : of, relating to, or used by homosexuals <the *** rights movement> <a *** bar> — *** adverb — ***·ness noun See *** defined for English-language learners » See *** defined for kids » Examples of *** The band was playing a *** tune. the gayest
  10. THIS IS GREAT NEWS BUT THE SAD PART IS IT TOOK AN ELECTION YEAR TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, ITS ALL POLITICS!!! ( Another way BO is buying votes!!!) Read more: who is buying votes? or is that your opinion? i could of sworn there was a big spiel about vote buying and what not?...does anyone have a clue what im talking about....if not its cool...(dunce hat placed back on sitting back in corner)
  11. now i get it....the translation is one thing..... but you have to be gangster to go around killing dont judge me.... :-)
  12. one thing that i noticed....everyone is assuming that this clown even owns dinar..... this is what i think......i think he gifted too much and now only has 42.00 bucks worth of dinar left..... 42.00 USD = 48,795.60 IQD so he is right.....
  13. now i know this might be a question for the Wednesday chat session...but here it goes: Now with the above statement.....does chapter 7 take the ability to own nuclear weapons, or is it to use them..... when i was there when we were looking for WMDs...and i can personally say i myself....did not see im not saying that they weren't there....but that i didnt see did someone come and take there nukes when the war kicked off? Now there military...if say for example if Iran did decide to show up which i doubt....(i just see a bully with an opportunity...and we know bullies a
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