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  1. I follow no one.I make my own mind up after careful examination of all intel-cross check & grab it by the throat.All these "Gurus".What were you before all this?!! Failed Cultists? If your intel cannot be backed up by evidence in Stone - this person or that person-oh,I really can't say;but,-everything points to this or that-this list of Tease is endless.I don't,won't and never have bought into this.I research every day all the drivel that flows.If its not the real deal there are those who would rather you not type a word.Engage in reliable and concrete facts.Quit pretending to be something your not.We're not fooled,only insulted that like P.T.Barnum once said - "...there's a sucker born every minute"...we're not suckers.You've been measured and found wanting !!
  2. Got my Champagne and Martini (Gin of course-shaken but not stirred) fixins' prep'd,plenty of ice - Lets go RV
  3. ...and then boyz and gurls we'll play a game where we see how many people we can fit into a phone booth !! Its called SARDINES, HOORAY !! ...what a ToadWart
  4. Well said,if we can just give this Imposter in the White House the BOOT and run him outta the country on a rail...the damage this man and his cronies have done already is catastrophic
  5. Man O Man !! That kid Slammed into every branch of the Ugly Tree ALL the way to the ROOTS !!!
  6. I'm having an Anurism right now - leggs jerking - eyeballs popping in & out of my head etc...I could be very descriptive but you get the point What in the world is going on for thought in these people minds ?
  7. In 2004 September working at Camp Arifjan (lovely place by the way-met loads of our troops and troops from the coalition);Kuwaiti Dinar was $3.40 approx - not that big of jump $3.63 - Respectable yes,but lets not get excited - Side note - for that whole month at where I worked at Arifjan the temps were in the 140 to 150 degree range - humidity unbearable and for approx a week we hit a high of 160 degrees !! I spent 6 years in various parts of Afrika and never experienced heat like that>
  8. Facts will dispell Rumor everytime-probably should have waited for the facts before spilling out the $4.40 stuff - unless your a pumper
  9. I got a close encounter at the round table for you..I grab a skull in each hand and bang those coconuts together 'till you knuckleheads get it thru your Brainpans...enuff of the Go to Meeting Horse Crap,pull your heads outta your Jack Seats and throw YOUR country into high gear...Bunch O' Monkeys
  10. Same goes for us Buddhists' ...well stated
  11. Can't be,not possible...has to this June...right? My tummy has gone all squirty I gottta research this some more Wouldn't they risk open rebellion kicking this down the road a whole cotton pickin' year? these people would try the patience of Jesus
  12. Alot of very astute Observations people Wish we had this kind of mental acuity in the Government
  13. Pretty much it give or take a couple of pennies...$4.11 thats just Balderdash
  14. Well,perhaps this is the deal that cinches.Guess the drop dead date of 30 June '11 ( if all things were to line up down the road)...suppose I could schlep out 6 weeks give or take the wild hair up someones' Jack Seat in the Oli Field
  15. Here's a wild stab in the dark...between right now and the end of June ... Hells Bells,I've been waitng for 6+ years .Wots another few weeks give or take
  16. Fair enuff,Mate...good on ya,good luck and let's get that trigger pulled
  17. Soon as I hit The Cat Box in '04
  18. You can add my Weapons Cabinet to that Army !! Former Abrams Tank Cmdr. & Heavy Weapons Expert - sigh - the good ole days
  19. That goes double for me...Its been a while since I broke out my Do It Yourself - Roll the Bones Kit ...(little something I picked up on one of my numerous trips to Afrika)...couldn't hurt at this point : D
  20. 6+ years of this and I'm not A Raving Slobering Axe Throwing Psychotic Moon Bat YET !!!!! Well,I drool some,just a bit mind you-just a bit
  21. I believe this is called a Drive BY Just finished a Ouiji Board session and Hoodini says " Extraofficial " as well.
  22. ...and that goes Double for me... Bloody Marvelous post !
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