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  1. Well, OK, You decide. I made my choice. Eventually silliness becomes a mandate. I would rather address silliness and nip it at the bud than having to deal with a mandate and the consequences thereof. I wouldn't want anyone, especially kids, to be propagandized with ANYTHING including Flat Earth "postulations" we ALL know is entertainment at best and LIES, DECEPTION, AND Biblical FALSE Doctrine in the basic elements at worst. Some things are NOT opinion and have real world consequences. I would not want anyone to experience a loss of credibility due to adherence to Flat Earth "postulations" or receiving a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine that has been shown in the past to have adverse acute or chronic effects that are lethal and more consequential than COVID-19 itself. Opinions are for the realm of opinions. Facts are for the realm of facts. Opinions are not for the realm of facts. Facts in the realm of opinion where opinions are directly opposed to facts are unwelcomed by the baselessly opinionated.
  2. CDC Claims Mask Mandates Don’t Have Statistically Improved Impact on Spread of COVID Than No Masks At All – Will Therefore Continue Pushing Masks By Joe Hoft Published March 7, 2021 at 8:15am 721 Comments The CDC recommends wearing masks after their study showed that related to COVID, the results of wearing masks were statistically the same as the results when not wearing masks. The results of a CDC study at first appear to show that wearing masks help reduce the spread of COVID: The results were inside the statistical margin of error: The results from before wearing masks were not statistically different than the period wearing masks – thus the CDC will continue recommending Americans wear masks??? This leads to an observation from George Carlin:
  3. I am telling the TRUTH HERE. Can You please explain why BigWave's Lying, Deception, AND Biblical FALSE Doctrine Flat Earth STUPIDITY is in ANY way acceptable while BigWave ONLY badger attacks with rhetoric AND Flat Earth NONSENSE. I have responded with VERY clear explanations for WHY, prayed AND told, Flat Earth postulations are rationally invalid and ENTIRELY STUPID along with Scripture showing the Earth is NOT Flat. Yet BigWave continues to badger with PATENTLY FALSE postulations showing Flat Earth beliefs are LIES, DECEPTION, AND Biblical FALSE Doctrine. I am supposed to accept AND agree with BigWave and BigWave's behavior AND the Earth is Flat? No. I will identify, accept, AND apply TRUTH. Using Flat Earth postulations to usurp TRUTH IS AN ATTACK AND MUST NEVER BE TOLERATED. I trust You will make VERY clear to BigWave his badgering insults and his demonstrated weakness in his Flat Earth arguments since the thread CLEARLY demonstrates BigWave's badgering insults and his demonstrated weakness in his Flat Earth arguments. Flat Earth beliefs are constituted on the lies much like the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine being safe and effective so everyone MUST believe AND act accordingly.
  4. You see your self in others? No, BigWave, I see YOU as LYING and STUPID. NOT me. YOU see, BigWave, LYING and STUPID. There is NOTHING to support a Flat Earth EXCEPT LIES, DECEPTION, AND FALSE Biblical Doctrine. I am curious, though, with ALL the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth FACTS presented HERE and ELSEWHERE, WHY, pray tell, fixated on THIS STUPIDITY???!!! Generally, a plane's design is so that the fuselage is oriented while the pilot is up and forward in the aircraft in an upright and seated position. The wings act as an airfoil so the air rushing over the wings is faster than the air under the wings giving the plane lift while the plane is traveling in the forward direction AND the wings remain in a fixed position to the fuselage functioning to retain the orientation of the fuselage in the upright position. The plane wings will NOT generate lift when flying sideways or upside down since the fixed wing airfoil does not act in opposition to the direction of gravity (toward the center of the earth) in the aircraft's sideways or upside down orientation to the surface of the SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth. Sure, plane wing and tail section surfaces can be manipulated to reduce the rate of descent while planes are NOT generally designed to fly sideways or upside down for ANY given length of time. Sure, planes CAN fly side ways AND upside down for differing lengths of time depending on design AND power plant. So, again, BigWave, WHY, pray tell, the LIES AND DECEPTION promoting a Flat Earth???!!!
  5. So, again, WHY, pray tell, the LIES???!!! The Earth's directional center of gravity (toward the center of the Earth) will ALWAYS give the perspective of being right side up REGARDLESS of the position on the SPHREICAL (geoidal) Earth. The outward centrifugal force of an object spun on a string so the object is rotating on a horizontal plane is countered by the inward force of the string ALWAYS pointing to the center of rotation inside the circular motion of the hand. The object is always "righted" and would NOT, from the object's perspective, have an upside down perspective REGARDLESS of the angular position of the object to the hand. A simple experiment for YOU, BigWave, to CORRECT YOUR "thinking" on "plane flying "up the side of earth" it has to be upside down". So, BigWave, WHY, pray tell, the Flat Earth LIES AND STUPIDITY???!!!
  6. So, WHY, pray tell, the STUPID rhetoric???!!! I do NOT care what YOU believe. I AM SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSING YOUR Flat Earth FALSE Doctrine. Antartica is TOO big of a CONTINENT to capture A photo using "a plane flying upside down over the "south pole"". Here is a satellite photo of Antartica. Antarctica is an extreme continent (Image credit: NASA image courtesy the MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC.) The southern continent is a place of extremes, with the Antarctic ice cap containing some 70 percent of Earth's fresh water and about 90 percent of its ice, even though it is only the fifth largest continent. Did you know Antarctica is actually considered a desert? Inner regions get just 2 inches (50 millimeters) of precipitation a year (typically as snow, of course).
  7. Yet even MORE Flat Earth FALSE Doctrine NONSENSICAL (obviously, of course) rhetoric???!!! What, pray tell, for???!!! To FURTHER PROVE Flat Earth FALSE Doctrine TO BE NONSENSICAL???!!! There are EXENSIVE REAL WORLD EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES HERE AND ELSEWHERE NOTING THEE FALSE PRIMISES OF Flat Earth "hypotheses". So, go ahead and post even MORE nonsensical Flat Earth "proofs". Here is an interesting article noting the ludicrous idiocy promulgated by Flat Earth "adherents" You may use as a basis to note Your "theorized" "inaccuracies" in the ACTUAL SPHERICAL (geoidal) Earth shape. The Zetetic Method The theory follows from a mode of thought called the "Zetetic Method," an alternative to the scientific method, developed by a 19th-century flat-earther, in which sensory observations reign supreme. "Broadly, the method places a lot of emphasis on reconciling empiricism and rationalism, and making logical deductions based on empirical data," Flat Earth Society vice president Michael Wilmore, an Irishman, told Life's Little Mysteries. In Zetetic astronomy, the perception that Earth is flat leads to the deduction that it must actually be flat; the antimoon, NASA conspiracy and all the rest of it are just rationalizations for how that might work in practice. Those details make the flat-earthers' theory so elaborately absurd it sounds like a joke, but many of its supporters genuinely consider it a more plausible model of astronomy than the one found in textbooks. In short, they aren't kidding. [50 Amazing Facts About Planet Earth]
  8. !!!8th ID!!! You may have overlooked commenting on the "friendly" Tejas Texas Public Service Announcement and now care to do so. Pretty sure a significant contingent of DinarVets moderators are well acquainted with administering the Tejas "message". Yep! Pretty consistent "friendly" Tejas Texas Public Service Announcement!!! Go Texas!!! Go Davy Crockett!!! No, I mean, Welcome Davy Crockett to Texas!!!
  9. Well, OK, a little racey in some parts so Y'ALL have to close yer eyes!!!
  10. Three (3) days for me with chest congestion for another 2 1/2 weeks. NO biggie. I survived. Still surviving. NO fear. NO biggie.
  11. Pitcher, Kind Sir, Are You ACTUALLY suggesting The True The United States Of America Patriot (now former) President Donald J Trump is ACTUALLY living rent free in the head of his long lost "son" - THEE "noted" "poster"???!!! WOWZERS!!! Could it ACTUALLY be The True The United States Of America Patriot (now former) President Donald J Trump's "early" "philandering" AS ACTUALLY "suggested" BY THEE "noted" "poster" IS "true" AS "resulted" "in" THEE "noted" "poster" "son"???!!! Could it ACTUALLY be THEE "noted" "poster" "son" "believes" Ze MUST BE ABLE TO DISPLAY ("peacock") "exceeding" THEE "scale" Ze's "daddy" HAS SO "artfully"???!!! Could it ACTUALLY be THEE "noted" "poster" "son" WILL "deny" "saying" "it ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one "son""???!!!
  12. YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I encourage readers to look at the twenty-seven (27) grievances noted in the Declaration Of Independence above. Please consider how the Democrats are imposing these twenty-seven (27) grievances on We The People in modern forms. For example, fourteen (14) above: For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us: So, what about ALL the internet monitoring AND personal data collection???!!!
  14. An excerpt quoting Sidney Powell from the article: My comment for the press on SCOTUS rulings today: “The Supreme Court’s failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption. It is an absolute tragedy for the Rule of Law, the future of what was a Republic, and all freedom-loving people around the world.” Well, pretty CONCISE. WHAT, pray tell, ARE THEE "options" NOW???!!! So, OK, Sidney Powell IS a Military Prosecutorial Attorney. YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes the True The United States Of America Patriot Military!!! BOOM!!! HANG THE TRAITORS HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signaling........................................................... ALL The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights "options" HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED???!!! “Supreme Court’s Failure – Completes the Implosion of Each of the Three Branches of Government” – Attorney Sidney Powell Responds to SCOTUS Decision on Election Fraud Cases By Jim Hoft Published March 2, 2021 at 7:30am 1102 Comments Last Monday the United States Supreme Court refused to review the Pennsylvania 2020 Election cases. The court made the announcement on Monday morning. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas dissented from the denial. On Monday, following their inaction from last week, the US Supreme Court rejected without comment or explanation, lingering 2020 election challenges by Attorney Sidney Powell in Arizona and Wisconsin. The Supreme Court refused to secure the integrity of the US elections. Later on Monday night Attorney Sidney Powell released a statement on the refusal of the court to hear the election fraud cases. Sidney Powell says the ruling completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of the sinkhole of corruption. Via Attorney Sidney Powell:
  15. WOWZERS!!! WOWZERS!!! WOWZERS!!! A PERSONAL MESSAGE From The True The United States Of America Patriot (now former) President Donald J Trump TO THEE "noted" "poster": THEE "noted" "poster" ACTUALY, yet AGAIN, Awarded ME A Red Ruby Citation As A Badge Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" CONFIRMING THEE "noted" "poster" HAS "self" "inflicted" TDS WITH "associated" "practices" AS "illustrated" HERE!!! Well, "son", YOUR "head" IS FULLY "occupied" AND "self" "secured". AND, "it" SHOWS!!!
  16. WOWZERS!!! WOWZERS!!! THEE "noted" "poster" ACTUALY, yet AGAIN, Awarded ME A Red Ruby Citation As A Badge Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" CONFIRMING THEE "noted" "poster" HAS "self" "inflicted" TDS WITH "associated" "practices" AS "illustrated" HERE!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, "noted" "poster"!!!
  17. WOWZERS!!! THEE "noted" "poster" ACTUALY, yet AGAIN, Awarded ME A Red Ruby Citation As A Badge Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" CONFIRMING THEE "noted" "poster" HAS "self" "inflicted" TDS WITH "associated" "practices" AS "illustrated" HERE!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, "noted" "poster"!!!
  18. As a FAILED Cult Recruiter AND Programmer, adhoc10. YOU, adhoc10, continue to do a VERY poor job distorting ACTUAL facts in THIS or ANY matter to subject OTHERS to YOUR, adhoc10, CULT. "From purely an outside perspective"???!!! YOU, adhoc10, are NO "purist". "Trumps world is filled with hate, lies, derision, disloyalty, and lack of a moral or an ethical compass."???!!! YOUR, adhoc10, "cognition" IS PURELY "embeded" IN YOUR, adhoc10, "safe" "space". Unfortunately, adhoc10, YOU are NOT the only one with TDS HERE at DinarVets.
  19. Thank You, TexasGranny, for this very valuable information.
  20. I am SO glad the both of You among ALL the True The United States Of America Patriots here at DinarVets and elsewhere in NO way support or remotely agree with THIS The United States Of America Traitor In Chief.
  21. It looks to me like Dementia Sleepy Creepy Uncle Hiden Joe Biden is saying, "Life is Good. The Future is Bright. I am Your President. I am Your Leader. All YOU Need To Do Is Listen To What I Tell YOU, DO what I SAY, AND "receive" "it" WITH All The Good Things I Have In Store For YOU!!!"
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