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  1. I have accepted an offer from a reputable member and everything is going through smoothly. Thank you for keeping on the alert as well. It's extra work for the mods, but doing things like IP checks, in particular in the Buy/Sell Dinar section, is a good thing and very much appreciated. There have been way too many people scammed in this and other investments. Every little bit helps. Now let's hope for an RV sometime this year..... sooner than later would be nice.
  2. Nerves are frayed in this investment, and yes there are a lot of scammers just waiting to get their share of the 5-finger discounts. Not saying anyone here is a scammer. I just don't do COD and 1200 is what the package is going for with free shipping. If someone wanted to do a wire, I said I would deduct $20 from the asking price. I guess I should add that I would also deduct $20 to help offset the paypal fees. So that would make the package $1180 with free postal express shipping if paying by paypal or bankwire. Costs 1180 per mil from most of the dealers - so buyer would basically be getting a bonus of 300,000 dinar. Still have the 1.3 million available. Thanks all!
  3. Thank you for the warning. That's what I've always liked about DV - people watch out for each other here. I'm not in dire straits so don't need to rush into any potential problems. Take care..
  4. Aren't you trying to sell 9 million dinar at 1K/each? Not meaning to call you out on anything, but I'm just curious that you are doing both sell and buy.... If you are a dealer then I can understand. But thank you for your interest - I am standing on the 1200 plus free shipping. That's around 920/mil - very good deal IMHO.
  5. rvbill... I am not using COD at this time. Had a bad experience with it once and just don't consider it as an option except in emergency. Thank you for your interest. Take care...
  6. Howdy! Need quick funds for spring planting. Will sell 40 x 25K (Unc. - DinarTrade Envelope) plus 30 x 10K and bonus 10 x 50 notes (Ebay purchase w/document, bought from Old Dominion Enterprises LLC) Asking $1200 (usd) for the package. I will pay U.S. Postal overnight. Paypal is okay. Will also accept money order or bank wire (will deduct $20 from purchase price to cover your wire fee). We are long time locals in our area - can provide you with reputable business contacts if you need them for peace-of-mind. PM if interested. Thanks!
  7. I quit being greedy about this investment a while ago.... I'll be happy with .11 and real happy with 1.11 I think the 1,111.11 would be massive cardiac time. Shabibi probably pushed the wrong button and said "OH S**T
  8. I've subscribed to the FXStreet/When2Convert alert service for the IQD/USD rate since May, 2011. Everyday I have been receiving an alert showing that 1 IQD = .0009 USD The past 2 days I have received the alerts and it shows 1 IQD = 1111.11113 USD I have attached a screenshot of my email account showing the latest 20 results of all When2convert email alerts I've received. Note the top 2 alerts showing the rate change. Just showing this for fun (and dreaming). But it may be a sign of changes being made somewhere since FXStreet and their services seem to be reputable.
  9. I liked the Meryl Streep version from Mama Mia better. But thanks anyways - it's a fun song.
  10. No shortage on ebay. The amount of available dinar has grown to over 5000 auctions compared to about 600 active auctions a little over a week ago
  11. Or an investment partner (after RV)
  12. Series 65 is worth looking into. Crazy days have arrived - news, and more news, changes, and more changes. Thank you Adam and mods for the chat. Peace to all......
  13. Couldn't resist - getting ready to head out to the field and figured this was more fun to decipher than the usual morning crossword. I happen to love old John Wayne westerns and this guy has done The Duke wrong (may he rest in peace). Blaino JUNE 16th early morning [4:00:24 AM] Peachee: [blaino] This one is a lil harder to read. The best way is to read what you see, and listen to what it says…you’ll figger ut out, I recon![in my best John Wayne] Well Dee-nahr-euns, I been watchin ya fer ah-wile now un I needta ree-mind ya that if, mind ya… I said IF this here Dee-nahr mess gets all haggled out inna cup-ula dahze er so, yer gunna need ta have yer brains straight n yer hands steady so’s ya kin avoid gitten “took ta the Cleaners”. If the dinar rv's in a couple of days, or so, you need to keep your heads on straight and think about preserving what you have. So stay away from too much of that ‘who-hit-John’ (booze??) till yer goods r safe and yer snuggled up in yer own piece a heaven. Be smart tho, git yerself ah lil help with alla them confounded dee-tails n figgers so’s ya dont wind up pay-in them black hatted hombres with too sharp a pencil, a whole lotta extry fees n such fer whats suh-pozed ta be yourn all-reddy, Pilgrim! Get a good tax attorney, cpa, etc. so you can apply all legal tax protections available. Now, as fer them Eye-rack-ees, well Pilgrim, ya watch yer self reel close… like when yer gitten yer first shave after a long drove… an yer skins gone all soft n that under-neath yer beard. Fer a countree with almost no cattle, they sure got themselves a big passle a Bull Shippers… well, biggest I ever seen since the rail head up ta Abilene that one time…warning to watch out for the BS the Iraqis put out Anyway, less-en ya want more trubbel than hav-in a dull knife ata gun fight… ya git smart n ya git yer self an yer goods sum pro-tec-shun… They got this new critter they call a “bizness trust”… I looked ut oh-ver n I tell ya… ut looks purty good ta me… but you kin brush yer own horse. Definitely hawking some kind of business trust to protect your monies. Well, you Pilgrims keep yer powder dry and yer guts cinched up nice n tight lyke I toll ya, n try ta follow theze Cit-ah-zens they tossed in here ta lead ya’s… Cuz they’re a lotta things, and dumb ain’t one of em! Every body else is bringin their brains, may-be … just may-be you outta do likewise, Amigos! Now, saddle up … yer burnin daylight!”
  14. Just an FYI.... in addition to numerous 3-day no auctions (which of course includes the usual 2-day (friday/saturday), there have been a few 4 - 5 day No Auction periods since June, 2010 July 7 - July 10, 2010 4 Days No Auction September 9 - September 13, 2010 5 Days No Auction November 16 - November 20, 2010 5 Days No Auction Not making a point or correlation to anything - just showing that these extended "No Auction" days have happened more than a couple times in the past year. Link to auction history:
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