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  1. Didn't you know ... You're in the Twilight Zone
  2. Hey Mr. Okie ... sir - I means to say I ain't that edjumacated but I can sure tie me some knots and stuff and I's preddy handy with a rope an all - so like, can I pack yer chute fer ya .. jest this one time?
  3. Thug, You should have made that into one of your famous bylines
  4. Good Gracious .. Didn't Okie give his word already once this week? And didn't that turn out to be false? So what makes this any different? I guess they didn't sell enough dinar from his first lie
  5. Sequins ?? I wonder if he has converted all his wealth to precious stones and has planned to wear them out on his Getaway?
  6. Holy CRAP !!!! I can't believe these guys are so ignorant as to see nothing wrong with Okie and his ahem ... intel, no matter how wrong it is. Seriously - I thought all these green screens and pinging banks stories have been put through the wringer and had no basis for even remotely being worth repeating, yet these guys can't help themselves whenever it comes time to bail poor old Okie "I need attention" Oilman out of whatever he's stepped in they bring their wild cocamamy conspiracy theories and excuses and dumb reasoning to explain Okie's untruth. Hey Bulldog ... PING this !!!!
  7. I'm SORRY - BUT WHAT PART OF IT DID NOT HAPPEN - Don't you understand?? HOW CAN OKIE's INTEL BE ACCURATE IF HE SAID IT WAS DONE - AND IT WASN'T ??? These gurus and their faithful followers are really starting to believe that they are ALL heroes ... or at least legends in their own minds. Until there is verifiable proof that it is done - all this posturing by the gurus is nothing but bull !!!
  8. These guys surely haven't been feeling the love today ... so now they are asking for it ?!?!!
  9. GET A ROOM You TWO !!! Goodness Gracious .. guessing you guys'll grieve gabbing game plans like that !!! In a word ... EWWWWWWW
  10. That's just the piggish side of you talking .. or, I hope it is anyway
  11. Yes - by all means do tell. Some of us are, or already turned blue from holding our collective breath. Mommyof3boys is starting to look like Smurfette !!
  12. I work in a banking-related industry and with ALL the new Security and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and hoops that we have to jump through to get individuals and companies cleared for direct deposits, most banks won't deal with anyone without knowing who they are dealing with ... which includes personal information, including home addresses. I have NO idea as to what kind of crap these guys are preaching.
  13. Yeah ... black and blue bruises on her forehead
  14. Oh Yeah ... sure Okie .... WHY shouldn't we believe you? ... I mean ... I can't remember the last time you weren't saying this was already done ... AND I just checked my email ... NOTHING from Adam ... ergo Nothing BUT BS from Okie.
  15. Yeah ... the first time I saw the bug ... I swatted my screeen a few times to get the stupid thing off of it. Much to my chagrin ... it was in the screen !!! and yet, occassionally I still try and brush it off without realizing what I am doing.
  16. Don't be silly - they'll invoke their "inside" edge with one of those three letter agencies and track him down - maybe divert one of those top secret satellites to surveil his sty to make sure he doesn't slink away - after all, doesn't one of them claim to have a source so high, he is able to tickle God's feet?
  17. Seriously ?? NOT me - I'm gonna go out and buy me the biggest bridge I can find and then some of that there special land folks are always talkin' about .... swamp-something or other !!!
  18. ONLY three or four?? - they way the gurus were talkin'... hypothesizin' ... lying before I left - I was sure it must have happened ten times by now! Great to be back ... thanks
  19. Lots of Lauper-like language looks leery .... pay no particular patronage to promotion of possible providence pertaining to pruning.
  20. Good gracious, I'm gone for a little over a week and the first thread I see - IS that The Pig has become a phenomenon ?!?!? There's gotta be something wrong with this picture - or NOT !! I see for the past ten days with NO computer, or desire to check on anything investment-related - I didn't miss a thing - except maybe a few Pink Piggy Countdown and the obvious elevation of The Pink Piggy to Rockstar Status !! s.
  21. Well Better Late than Never ... as they say - which also seems to describe this whole RV thing!!! Hope your feeling better sooeeeeeee ... ooops ... ahem ... I mean soon!!
  22. I thought that read Weight-Loss Protection Program at first ... and I was going to agree - he was looking a tad on the roly-poly side!!! But Wit-Less works for me too !!!
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