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  1. Easy, do you have the call in information for the playback or a link to downloadable version? Thanks,
  2. I agree it is a bad idea, as Iraq is notorious for finding something to delay this process. I won't be placing any special orders, or making any special purchases until the cash is in the bank
  3. Don't get discouraged. The foreign exchange rate is not going to change until it is officially announced ~ IMHO. CBI is meeting with the IMF today and if the rate is going to be announced I think it will change sometime between now and Monday. Peace
  4. That is too funny because it is so true!
  5. Thanks for the post Easy! Hopefully we will all be considered "qualified/accredited" investors after the dinar finally RVs.
  6. I know that is what I'm going to do if it comes out low - sell just enough to payoff debts,etc and sit on the rest for the increased value.
  7. Thanks for the post! Personally, I like to hear "real world" experiences no matter who they come from. Some of the best stock trade information comes from the maids that clean stock broker's offices. Just sayin'. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Although $115 million is a bit much, 300k is way too conservative. For 1 new chicken house it costs right at $500,000 to build and equip. So depending on how many chicken houses they are building and how many other buildings they are building in the process it could be a pretty large chicken farm. Having said that, I do agree that the numbers do not appear credible, as $115 million, would build at least 200 chicken houses, and other misc buildings. I just wonder if CH is Chicken Hunter. I can't remember which site he frequents, but Chicken Hunter is the only thing that makes sense to me
  9. I have not received this e-mail, but if I'm not mistaken DinarTrade is no longer selling any dinar. This is posted on their order page so I wouldn't believe this e-mail if I were you. Dinar Trade, Inc. is no longer buying or selling currency at this time. After many years of service, Dinar Trade, Inc. has decided to take a temporary leave from the market. If there is a significant change in the value of the Iraqi Dinar (and/or the Vietnamese Dong), Dinar Trade, Inc. will reopen our offices for the active buying and selling of currencies. If you have placed an order with your payment by ma
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