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  1. heres what i paid for them...
  2. I have dinars for sale quarter million for 225.00....... i want out of this investment email me im not here to scam people so if your interested email me and ill reply with my contact info.... thanx
  3. im done with this investment..... i have quarter million dinar for sale... will sell for 225.00 e mail me
  4. 1)from what i recall it dropped to .10.... 2)rv'd 3) ? imho of course.......
  5. wow i think this is a SOLID sign of maybe an RV.... we'll see... hopefully
  6. if your info is true i have a surprise for you
  7. i totally believe you keepm.. lets just keep our fingers crossed buddy
  8. i gave you a plus... what a waste of post..
  9. why would an exec share wit someone that there increasing there cash on hand.... that would be a major breach of security.... think about it...
  10. number 14 and 15 can someone further elaborate on this and help me understand? thanx
  11. mods close my post please... i will not share any further info on this site...
  12. You guys are blinded by like i said I BROUGHT THIS OVER FROM XXXSITE!!! its not my rumor you guys blow me away... read what i said, i have friends that informed me today of similar experiences... dam you bashers need to get laid or something.. relax.... DAM!
  13. Okay, some great intel very close to home. 1) A key investor with me in this investment has been tracking events with US Bank and the TravelEx Office in that US Bank. Very recently, he went into the bank and asked the TravelEx Teller “How she was doing?” She immediately said,….”We just had a meeting regarding the Iraqi Dinar!…and last week, the Bank senior management had a meeting regarding the Dinar.” My friend asked what was said about the dinar and the teller said…”Sorry, that is all I can say.” 2) Also, another investor went into Wells Fargo several weeks ago to open an account for hi
  14. noskar


    this is someones personal opinion nothing official but good news nonetheless
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