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  1. A ray of hope? How do I act? Thanks for the uplifting news Mr. Scarpa. Appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for the correction. I always thought he was 50% inaccurate and 50% wrong. Glad I got that cleared up.
  3. I'm with Curious. I make sure I'm enjoying whatever I do. Whether it be here or out there doin it. Gotta gotta getaway.
  4. Anybody ever tell you that you're a rude, heartless asswipe? Recently , I mean? Right or wrong in your ASSumptions, you don't have to rub salt in the wounds like you do. Fagan, you aren't any better.
  5. Don't sweat the pea brains. As far as conk goes, he's my friend, forgive him, he tends to be pretty cranky. Thank you for the info legacy.
  6. He only said the 7 day deal was possible because North Korea did it. Iraq is not North Korea. The world wasn't watching then like they are now. It was only a possibility. Chances are you will have much more time. Trust me. Reread his post, CLOSELY. You have a better chance of it coming in at $3 with months to turn it in. Plus, in my book, Phoenix is one of the top investigators in this deal but just because he's good, don't make him right. Don't turn a molehill into a mountain. Besides, what's all this fretting gonna do anyway besides churn your guts up. Is it gonna change anything?
  7. Christ SIMPLIFIED the commandments into just two. The heart of those two was love. To me, this equates to love and simplicity as the core of His teachings and, without meaning any offense, you are complicating the heck of His Word. His kingdom is of, and for all who seek it. Not just the intellects or psuedo intellects. You make it sound like you have to have some kind of PHD to truly know what the Bible teaches. If a simple uneducated shepard boy can't figure it out, then it's not from Him. K.I.S.S.=keep it simple stupid. In one of your posts you alluded to casting your pearls..... You didn't finish it but the point was still there. These folks you were alluding to are people of the faith. The very people that Christ came for and you alluded to them as........ Listen for th "POP" mi amigo.
  8. 1. What is the average man on the streets general attitude towards Maliki? 2. Does the general employment situation appear to to be improving at all in Iraq? 3. What is the general attitude and thoughts about the economy (including RV) for the average Iraqi? Maybe not these 3 exactly. Just questions about them. Their thoughts and hopes on the near future for them and their country. Questions that, when answered, you can put together for a better perspective. Nothing too blunt or stupid. Express real care and compassion. This will open them up better than anything.
  9. Not always easy explaining the difference between being a pessimist and a realist. With that said, I'm right you're wrong, deal with it. It's good to have EVERY vantage point you can get to figure out what YOU the individual thinks and you give good reasons for your viewpoint. Thanks for that amigo. Even though you are so wrong, thanks.
  10. Sooo...To get the loans or at least the size of the loans they were looking for, they need to exand the arena to some degree and spread the wealth around a little more?
  11. Saw a news clip a while back about the Iraqi stock exchange. Small (at least then) but impressive. Thanks Adam. Another piece of the Iraqi puzzle.
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