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  1. Again, I don't believe that anyone has said that there isn't a God ... in fact, there are probably many of them. Now, bash that! TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  2. Facts don't really fly very well on this board, Mr. Rich. You are likely going to H E L L for sure now ;-) Good post. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult. Sometimes I DO believe in the occult, though ...
  3. Adam has been discounting an LOP repeatedly for the last month (see his chats). He allows that an LOP COULD happen, however. If there is no LOP and IF there is an RV, then my expectation is a low RV -- like max 50 cents (at least at first). Adam's chat yesterday touches on this as well. Since shortly after I bought my dinar last August, the $3+ RV has seemed a fairy tale to me, pipe dream. But, as I've said many times, I'll TAKE IT if it happens. Just does not make sense though. To me. $0.35 and I'm retired. Likely sell all at that rate, too. For sure all my dinar is sold at 50 cents. Ostensibly, I own my life at that point. Why hold out for more? TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  4. Adam has really discounted this numerous times during the last month, while still allowing that it is possible. Anyone that continues to gravitate to this fear is pretty much hopeless. Yes, it IS possible. Not likely (period). Also not likely: $3 RV or $2 RV -- $1 RV would be amazing, but still unlikely (out of the chute). TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  5. Here we go ... since it didn't RV on Christmas Day (as prophesied by the all-knowing __________ fill-in-the-blank), now it must surely do so on Easter so that we can tie Iraq's currency RV back to the 'cross'. Have at it ... by all means. What will you say if it RV's on Halloween? TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  6. And in recent news ...
  7. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of: 1) Our situation (USA) 2) History -- Historical (US) tax rates; historical (US) prosperity. The outrageous expansion or our national debt (and deficit) since 1980, and who or whom is MOSTLY responsible. Historically, since WWII, federal income tax rates have never been lower than they are today. 3) Business/Manufacturing migration out of US. Approximately 56,000 US manufacturers have moved out of the US in the last 10 years (under current tax structure). And they were basically paid to do it. Why will this worsen if the highest tax rate were to rise (a little)? Yes, a little. First, we need to stop sponsoring sending jobs overseas. 4) Our place in it. I would guess that there aren't more that a couple people on this board who currently find themselves in the highest US tax bracket -- AGI. The vast majority of the people on this board have experienced a federal income tax DECREASE since January 2009. Yes, decrease. 5) How great our country really is. Part of what makes it great is the 50/50 nature of its political body. Checks and balances. We'll see how the latest development of extremes (politically) plays out. We all need to make sure that we maximize our deductions and legally pay as little in federal income taxes that we can, but this country eventually has to look at its revenues coming in. And 'trickle down' economics has never proven to create jobs or sustain an increase of revenues from a prospering economy. It simply does ... not ... work! It is simply too easy to claim we pay too much, so cut. Yes, cuts are in order. But to what? Medicare? Social Security? How about Defense? Think about all of the people in your life that are affected (positively) by Medicare and SS ... If we just got rid of Medicare and SS, that would solve most/all of the US financial problems today (on paper). But what new problems would face us then? Rampant poverty of the elderly, for one. And the disabled. And widows and orphans ... For those of us that are totally fed up ... they are basically paying people to move to the easy climate of Panama with its much cheaper health care and much cheaper housing and much cheaper cost of living ... why not? But, I'm staying. For now. RV would help. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  8. Told you it would be interesting to hear how people spin this ... It's called English-as-a-second language, Dude. Or third. To be sure, he was not being totally forthcoming as noted in his first comment about not being able to tell the questioner (even if he knew) when it would RV. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  9. This MAY be the most interesting thing that I've ever come across on this board. To hear Shabb's inflections and hesitations and the full extent of his train of thought on (2) questions re: exchange rate of the IQD is extremely fascinating. Can't wait to see how the negative Nancys and the positive Petes spin this to their views. Shabbs did say SOON, however. He absolutely did say soon. But keep in mind that in the context of the history of the earth (for non-creationists), we are now living soon after the Revolutionary War. I don't think he meant soon in that context though. So relax ... ;-) TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  10. What is anybody's angle on this forum? Mostly, the people who position themselves as experts are simply looking for an ego boost. Plain and simple. This is true b/c the only way anyone benefit's from this board is IF the IQD RV's. And it makes no difference whether or not someone is repeatedly positive or negative or purportedly in-the-know ... unless there is a significant IQD currency move, then not one of us is winning (Charlie Sheen excepted, of course). We can stay away from this board for months or years at a time and our 'result' will still be the same. Still, it is interesting that AC hasn't been nearly as off-the-wall as most who continue to provide intel (or repost). The greatest benefit of this board are the mods who post the articles -- saves me mucho google time. Thank you. Bring me a $0.35 RV and you'll never hear from me again ;-) Today would be nice. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  11. This is difficult to hang your hat on b/c this is really a preaching-to-the-choir issue ... 35% of the electorate likely (maybe as high as 40%) will gravitate to this 'cause'. This is really just the base of the GOP and no matter what is served up to them, they will lap it up pretty much (see D Trump's recent pandering). The same can be said for the staunch 35-40% of Dems ... they'll fall in line with what is served them. In the end, there is really only about 5-7% of the electorate (not tea partiers and not green partiers) that move back and forth between the GOP and the Democratic Party. This is who decides these national elections; and they will mostly be focused on how their pocketbooks looks in Nov 2012, not long-form BC. A potential caveat to this is IF the Democratic Party gets an extremely high turnout, then they really can't be beat b/c those 'likely voters' that stay home on election day are normally shown to have been much more likely to vote Democrat had they made it to the polls. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  12. AC has taken a lot of heat during the months that I've been on this board, especially last fall when everyone felt their 'blessing' was imminent and no persons appeared able to perceive anything but the RV saving the world (and their particular financial situation). His reluctance to pronounce an RV soon has brought most of the crazies out, but he hasn't been wrong any more than anyone else. Probably less. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  13. ... and for further perspective: Both sides need to be understood. Why would some of the top 1% now start mobilizing toward letting the (majority) of the Bush tax cuts to expire? Hmmmm ... ?? Isn't this against their best interest? TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  14. Eventually, 'we' have to address revenue ... as was done with bi-partisanship during the late 90's when the US then ran an annual surplus. This letter/advertisement from Sean Hyman is (purposely) misleading to say the least. Nothing has changed for him (unless he made much, much more money this year -- 2010) as the federal tax rates and capital gains tax rates for people in his strata are exactly the same for tax year 2010. For those of us in the 'middle class' (with some itemized deductions), we have seen our federal income taxes go down since Obama took office (argue all you want, but this is true). There is really no evidence, since the point was advanced by Reagan, that dramatically slashing federal income taxes has a job creating effect. Reagan, in fact, during his presidency raised taxes (after reducing them) at least 10 times. As I see it, our country really is a "national trust" and we are all connected. I will happily pay my fair share of taxes upon an RV in addition to making significant charitable contributions. This doesn't mean that I don't think that some changes are in order ... and it doesn't mean that I won't intelligently maximize my deductions within the rules of the 'system'. Remember, we are talking about $200K and $250K ADJUSTED GROSS. Therefore, most couples will have around $325K+ gross income before filling at $250K AGI. Should a couple have $1M AGI, then that couple would pay an additional federal income tax of approximately $35K+ (Or, their monthly income would be reduced from $83,000 to about $80,000). No one is seriously discussing eliminating the mortgage deduction for 97+% of us (probably all of us on this board). This is a pretty accurate snapshot about what all the hubbub is about. All of this rhetoric raises the question of, "how were these people (rich filers) able to put food on the table and survive when they filed their 1999 taxes?". The '99 tax code is the proposed 2014 tax code -- basically. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  15. There is no such thing as a Guru, Expert or anyone in-the-know ... That's all in your head, Moose. Take it out. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  16. Neither positivity nor negativity has anything to do with return on this investment ... we can go into prayer or meditation or channel Norman Vincent Peale and this will have no affect on the RV. Our satisfaction (ROI) is in the hands of the powers that be ... Hold a positive thought if you want/need to, but come Monday, you will likely have to recalibrate your inner sensor b/c your dinar value will not have changed. I know I'm speaking to a brick wall, but it's amazing that people still fail to see. No one really 'knows' anything. In due time, there will be a return on this investment. We'll see what it is. Certainly not $3+. I used to say that $0.68 and I'm retired. I've found a way that I can retire on $0.35 (without having purchased any more IQD). So, let's hear it for a 35 cent RV! TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  17. This really makes no sense. For months now, people have been claiming that they are getting 'pumped'; and that Ali and other dinar dealers (and their affiliates) are doing the pumping. Now, Ali says (again) that this is a long term investment; not a lottery ticket. He believes it will take a long while. Yet, you still say that this is to increase the sale of dinar? Which way is it? 'Reporting' that RV tomorrow at $5.26 -- will increase dinar sales. Or, 'reporting' that this is a long term investment -- will increase dinar sales. I will add this, however. I would guess that Ali made a lot of money from the Dinar On Reserve program before it was shuttered. The constant rumors about "RV next Monday" certainly did not hurt his sales On Reserve. If I had to bet, I would bet that 50% of the On Reserve orders were never completed and Ali was able to keep the 10% down payment as pure profit. I never purchased any On Reserve Dinar, but I thought about it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  18. I can only assume that he is a man of his word and he has sold all of his dinar (as he promised). When his intel told him a month ago that on a particular Friday the RV was almost certain to occur, he promised to sell his dinar if the RV did not occur. He must have sold it. b/c we don't hear from him anymore ... Don't you think ... ?? TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  19. LOL; thanks for re-emphasizing my point(s). TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  20. Dude, You've got to read the disclaimer at the top of this chat/board/thread. What does the following mean to you (?): Warning Regarding CHATS Chats from outside of DinarVets are often from people that have KNOWN histories of scamming and lying. DinarVets strongly advises you to use common sense when reading the posts of some of these clowns. Outside of DinarVets basically means, not coming from Adam. And Adam doesn't project rates or dates; therefore, it is possible for everything in this forum to fall under the category of "reading the posts of some of these clowns". Possible, I said. Most people believe what they want to believe. You WANT to believe that there is such a thing as a Guru ... that is your choice. If you have not read Adam's book, then you should do so. Basically he states that it could come in as low as $0.10 (written over a year ago). We'd all love it to come in over $3. For me, as I've said before, $0.68 and I'm retired. As to why Adam let's people say most anything they want ... that's free speech (keep the disclaimer in mind). The only thing that seems to be sensored here is bad form or discourtesy. Makes sense. Otherwise this board wouldn't be a true open forum. Further, Adam is pretty up front about his business model here (or his value proposition). He offers this forum for free with further advice/RV preparation available at VIP (no, I am not a VIP member). He has parlayed his interest in IQD into what appears to be a full-blown investment house and estate management firm. Good for him. The only way that this stair-step transition will REALLY work for him (with the VIP population) is if the IQD does indeed RV. He probably has moderate to meager income from the VIP membership alone. Therefore, he obviously believes it will RV. When it does, it will be win/win for his VIP members and his firm. Win/win whether it RV's for $0.10 or $1 or $3. In any scenario this will create more money than the vast majority on this board have ever seen. He'll help them look after it, if they choose to ... If reading this forum is to preplexing and taxing for you, paj, then run down to Target and pick up a crystal ball for $5.99. Start staring into that thing for 10 hours a day. No gurus in there either. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  21. I'd TAKE that for sure anytime. Seems high to me though ... TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  22. Amen, Dude. It's called the Google Tool Bar -- spell check. Don't hold your breath, though ... TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  23. No bet here, pourit. Per the other thread, and with your new date change to 3/1/11, I'll donate 100,000 dinars to the charity of your choice when the IQD RV's by midnight tomorrow. With pleasure, I might add. Bank on it, I'll do it. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  24. Well stated, pourit. It's hard to disagree with someone who has such high intentions. And I don't disagree ... further, if you are correct about tonight, 2/28, then I'll donate 100,000 IQD to your favorite charity and I'll feel GREAT doing it. Bank on that. Yours is a complex question. Here's my answer: I'm very skeptical that this will happen any time soon, or ever. Personally, I would carry the weight of 120 people who have invested $5K a piece (for example) especially if it never RV's. This is why I'm not a stock broker. That said, this investment DOES still make sense (to me), there are just so many variables (known, and mostly unknown) that I have shared the idea of the IQD with very few. The contradiction with which I have to live. Basically, what I was trying to say is that by participation 'we' all have become pumpers, blatant or not. And the fallout from that is, in part, each of our responsibilities. I'm not a believer in the conspiracy of 'pumping' dinar sales. While there is some of that, I feel that the brushfire of 'word of mouth' has expanded the IQD investment base here and abroad more than anything. TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
  25. Well stated. But don't expect it to sink in ;-) TS I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.
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