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  1. Thanks DrJ! You never know what may come out of it.....
  2. LOL..I hear ya brotha. Same here.
  3. Still kills me today about how they stack their money against the window. They've been doing this for years...LOL!!!
  4. Yeah, it's been too long, going on almost 10 years for me.....I'd take anything right now.
  5. Yeah, if Maliki said this...but Abadi is going to get this done. You wait and see....
  6. It's one thing to not like the president, but another to use words like monkey....
  7. LOL..bring it ISIS! You have no idea who you're messing with...
  8. Maliki is like a nagging fly that just won't go away... But should we really be surprised by his actions? I think not.....that bum.
  9. ISIS is crazy! They are soooooo going to get what they deserve.
  10. I agree and I've been in this now for several, countless years. Never seen this much action in this short period of time.
  11. Hey kids, raise your hand if you want to go on a field trip to the Syrian border.
  12. Man o man, these terrorists have no idea what's coming to them...... God will have the final say!
  13. Hey's time my friend.... So, where do you want to go on your next vacation?
  14. Whether he resigns or not.....his time is coming to an end. Too little, too late Malarki.....
  15. Yeah, I was hoping it would be Chalibi(sp) but we all know how we can't trust their media over there.. Stay tuned....
  16. Maliki..please do us a favor, save yourself the embarrassment and step down.... It's that easy bobble-head.
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