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  1. The only surprising thing is that all the other alledged "GURUS" haven't jumped in on the Circle Jerk. A few of the more ridiculous ones have (yes Bluwolf, I'm pointing at you). I guess they are waiting for Saturday Morning, for inspiration from cartoons.. Correct me if I'm wrong (it happens, but no where near as often as Okie), but Sunday is the first banking day in Iraq, and they are 8 hours ahead of the Central time zone. Therefore, that window would be much smaller (our midnight Central since at least one bank in Iraq is open 8-2). You would think with so many contacts (wink,wink) in Iraq, he would know that. ;}
  2. I think he either 1) Is Rich Queen, or 2) related to Rich Queen, or 3) hired Rich Queen, to back up his fairy tales. Same with Omnigirl (or whatever the other fruitcake's name is) that corroborates all this ridiculous information. If you notice they use similar vernacular architecture. Phrases such as "so high up could tickle god's toes", "info so hot, it burnt my cheek", etc.... I loved the one the other day when on of the alleged "girls" used the phrase, "Okie is just being his usual cautious self!" WTH? Okie...cautious? HAHAHA....what a bunch of bloody lunatics. They should go into writing children's books, because all they are good for is bedtime stories.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's just a new persona of an old liar. I usually skip her posts, but with the few I've read I've learned that she is 200+ pound intimidating machine. She could prolly just walk up to the bank and they'll go ahead and cash her in, because "they don't want any trouble", and her intel is being channeled through the ghost of Syd Barrett. Shine On You Crazy Diamond!
  4. I don't believe Obama has anything to do with it, and if he does it's not enough to stop it. I know some of the habitual liars always use him as an excuse after their fake intel does a faceplant, but that doesn't mean you should believe it. In fact you shouldn't believe anything they say, especially their excuses on why it didn't RV, when they have been wrong three times a week for many years, and still claim that their intel has never been wrong. Even worse is the few that use the, "my intel is so good, it's a few days ahead" line. I think it's going to happen soon, or we are at least closer than we have ever been, but only a handful of people in the World will know when and how much. Read the rumors at night, giggle, and then have sweet dreams of being rich all nigh long. But don't cry in the morning....
  5. I like him. He gives windows of opportunities. No fake intel, no pretend contacts at 3 Letter Agencies, no imaginary bigwigs at UST, CBI or State Deptartment, no dates, and no rates. He does research and he shares it. Most of what he says makes sense. In the Dinar World, that's a rare thing. Also, lower Denoms are a good strategy if there is a gradual increase with a limited exchange time.
  6. God doesn't speak directly to someone about an RV of a currency. That's just plain ludicrous,
  7. This is the best site. People bring garbage rumors and chats over here, and our members use common sense and research to verify or debunk them. If you question a Guru at another site, you get banned. I have no idea why they think they are beyond reproach, after years of lies and errant intel. Once this is over, I suggest they go into Meteorology. It's the only other profession where you can be consistently wrong, and not be fired.
  8. So God speaks directly to them regarding RV? I hope they burn in Hell, for saying such things...
  9. Keipher


    I'm sticking with "huh?" until I see it on CBI. It would be nice though.
  10. AC is just another megalomaniac. He doesn't know anymore than my cat does.
  11. Damn, and I already bought more Dinar, before reading that. Do I have to buy even more now that I have read it from Poppy2? I wouldn't want him to lose his job or anything.
  12. I'd believe him more if he was an American Economist in Iraq.
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