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  1. When I got mine it smelled like perfumed money. Very pleasant. However that fragrance is gone and yes it doesn't smell so good now. But I'll keep it!!! Until the RV of course. Then Adios!! It's out of here!!
  2. I bought mine from 5/3 in 2010. A friend told me she had purchased some Dinar and I should do the same. So I did. I was so surprised when I got the dinar that is smelled so nice!! Something our money doesn't have, a nice fragrance. LOL Still in it to win it!!!
  3. Thank you, Adam. Have a great week and maybe all of us will be as lucky for a great week also. Go RV!!
  4. Thanks Adam. I appreciate all you and your people do for us as well as all the others helping with this forum and all the news that is brought to us each day. I'm ready to quit working and spend my time traveling and doing charity work that I currently not able to do justly. Have a great week, take care and stay safe.
  5. thanks Adam. I'm looking forward to the day when I can quit my job! Thanks for all you do for us.
  6. Really exciting news today!! Thanks for all of your hard work and your assistants' as well. I keep telling my daughter any day could be our day!!
  7. thanks, Adam. Looking forward to more good news soon I hope!
  8. Thanks Adam. Do you think the visit this month by the PM has something to do with the timing of the RV? Also will the RV be a way the US will be reimbursed for the Trillions of dollars worth of stimulus checks people received? It has to be paid back somehow, eventually. Just some things that has been running through my mind. Thanks for all you and your team do for us. I greatly appreciate all who add more info to your weeklies as well.
  9. Good info. Thanks to all who provides the great info each day. You are awesome!
  10. I'm hoping real soon, I need to quit my JOB! It is getting too stressful and I want out but cannot until RV. Bring it on! I'm still waiting patiently and impatiently. Thanks for the weeklies. I look forward to them each week!
  11. Thanks Adam. I work at Meijer in Michigan. If you don't know what it is, it is a grocery/department store and we are open for business. I don't mind working right now but what I do mind are the people that come into the store because they are bored! There are some that come everyday. There are some that bring the whole family in "to get out of the house"! It is ridiculous what people are coming to the store for. A lot of what people are buying are unnecessary items. Most people can live off of their pantries and freezers for many weeks if only they would. Please everyone be mindful of
  12. Adam, I hope you feel better soon!! Looking forward to an update today.
  13. Thanks, Adam. A hurry up and wait event! Go RV already!!
  14. I'm ready to quit my JOB!! Come on already!! I'm waiting for my text! Thanks Adam for keeping us informed!!
  15. Thanks Adam! I hope the next time I hear from you is by text! Merry Christmas everyone and lets hope the New Year is extremely Happy!
  16. Thanks, Adam. I am still patiently, impatiently waiting, It's been 9 years so I guess I am more patient than impatient. But I am ready to retire NOW. So come on and RV already!!!
  17. Thanks for the reminder that there are a lot of blessings to be thankful for, not that I would forget but to bring them again to the surface. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  18. Thank you, Adam. Looking forward to more positive information in the coming days.
  19. Thanks for the update. Still optimistic. Come on RV already!
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