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  1. Thanks for the reminder that there are a lot of blessings to be thankful for, not that I would forget but to bring them again to the surface. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  2. Thank you, Adam. Looking forward to more positive information in the coming days.
  3. Thanks for the update. Still optimistic. Come on RV already!
  4. Thank you, Adam. Looking forward to a text sooner than later!
  5. Thanks for the info. Still patiently and impatiently waiting for your text.
  6. Thanks Adam. Life does at times gets in the way but sometimes it is for the best to take care of business now rather than later. So glad I did sooner! Have a great weekend!
  7. Thanks Adam. I'm waiting patiently for my text.
  8. Thank you, Adam. Looking forward to the best news yet!!
  9. Thank you Adam and all of your peeps. I have had 2 awful weeks at work and would love to say "Take this Job and Shove It!" Looking forward to the day. Have a great weekend!
  10. Looking forward even better news in the near future. Thanks Adam
  11. Thanks Adam. I look forward to getting my text! Have a Blessed Easter!
  12. Thank you Adam for all you have done for us all. You are greatly appreciated!! I have been waiting a long time to hear good news like this. I probably will cash in here in the States. I am too nervous to go overseas by myself. But I believe you have in place a great cash in deal with the banks that I will still have quite a bit left after taxes when RV happens. I look forward to the investment part after RV that you have in place. You can text any hour of the day, I will wake up quite quickly if it is at night!!
  13. thanks Adam. I am so excited! I've been hearing from friends that follow The TNT Team that some are cashing in in NC at a great rate. But I will not believe it until you say this is true. Take care and have a great weekend! Goooo RV!!!!!
  14. Thanks Adam. Been looking forward to it for 9 years. Patiently waiting with everyone! But some days not patiently waiting if you know what I mean.
  15. Thanks for the awesome update Adam. As always you are greatly appreciated as well as your crew.
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