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  1. Somebody has cast Steve's pearls before swine and it makes me sick, literally sick, to my stomach.
  2. I seriously wouldn't count on this or any forum as your notification when the RV happens. You need to be part of a group or team that is connected and will get the word out via text message, email or phone call when this happens. A forum is too full of confusing and misleading info!
  3. Thanks Doc! I like your list. I'm struggling with #2 & #3 simply because our tax accountant (best friend), our lawyer (my brother-in-law) and our financial planner (our son) does not believe in this investment and thinks we're nuts! Therefore we won't be able to get their help until after the fact! Hopefully they won't mind helping even if we spare them the inevitable "I Told You So's"!!
  4. I was wondering if you could explain your comment here. I didn't hear anything at 35 minutes other than Dr. Shabibi's comments about the need to rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq. This sheeple just doesn't get what "you know what" is I guess. Can you explain?
  5. Me too! I've studied end times prophecy for's all coming together. I know God is going to use this to bless His people and grow His Kingdom reaching the lost in these last days! Good times are coming, along with the bad. . .
  6. Well thought out and well said!! You are right - end time Babylon will be rebuilt! We are part of Biblical History! Thank you for this post today!
  7. Wow - I sure know that a bunch of people I DON'T want to meet after the RV. People on here are ridiculous. . . need to get a life. Thanks for sharing your story Ransom. The smile says a lot
  8. We just went ahead and opened both savings and checking at BOA. That way we're covered either way since we will be switching everything over to them once this RV's. They have a neat new product that it a free account where everything is handled online. It's called their E-Bank Account. Hope this helps
  9. Someone please explain to me why this person is allowed to spew his offensive, vulgar negativity unchecked by mods while people like Steve1 and zzzzzzzzz get banned. I just don't get it. . .
  10. I definitely recommend Dinar Trade. If you order today you receive them the next day COD. They have been very good to work with. Plus if you purchase from them you can cash in at one of their locations after the RV.
  11. Maybe he would say to liberate human beings from a give them the opportunity to live in a free country. . .like ours used to be before political correctness and extreme liberalism fried our brain cells. . .
  12. I know I'll get bashed for saying this but I'm feeling that God will use the RV to vindicate Bush. He has been so unjustly persecuted every step of the way - mostly because he "came out" as a Christian early on in his presidency. As many of you know, our media controlled brain dead society is extremely hostile to anything even remotely "Christian". So my hope and prayer is that God will use this RV to vindicate Bush, bless those who had the wisdom and foresight to invest, and help heal our troubled land. Just my opinion. . . (O.K. bash away) know, they really need to create an
  13. If you follow the Web Bot here's an 8 part video about the upcoming November 8th through 12th tipping point. Part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
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