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  1. Let me see if I can help with a few common sense comments bigdad. If it is a question of "IF", then at their current rate of .00086 per Dinar, they can NEVER rebuild Iraq and on a side note, they will not get out from under the thumb of the IMF as they are requiring an RV/RI as their currency currently does NOT accurately reflect the true value of their resources. One more thing...if they don't RV/RI, then the citizens (90%+ of the population) will never be able to use Dinar as 1170 dinar equals $1. This is a huge problem unless they want to carry suitcases of money around with them to buy dinner. There are many more specifics (let's not forget about the politicians and thier GREED). If they have 10,000,000 dinar, it is only worth $10k+/- U.S. I guarantee they would rather see (and the country can afford) i much higher number from an RV. If we hit big, the politicians in Iraq would be sick with money. Now, the "WHEN". This is the consensus for sure of probably 99% of everyone on these sites. We all figure for certain (see #1 above as to SOME reasons why) that the Dinar will RV/RI and therefore the only real question here is the "date" or when, and the "rate". By finding your favorite authors/posters on these boards, you might get a little better feel for it. Then on the other hand, you may very well get even more confused. At the end of the day, the country truly (literally, not figuratively) has to appreciate the value of the Dinar and the way to do this is thru an Revaluation aka RV. Now, if the term LOP pops up and you start doubting your investment...might I give you the best advice of all. Shut off the computer and....RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!! You'll thank me later. Hrdbawl
  2. hrdbawl

    RV Baby!

    Good point! I too am not intending to bash here but if you are that confident, i would think ANYONE would want to buy some more as this is tantamount to a crystal ball. If you have NO money at all whatsoever, sell a kidney. You have two kidneys...right? Come on guys, little humor. Maybe it's true...just sayin'.
  3. Read all the way up this thread elymojo. They are there. It is just going to take a lot of calls due to the HUGE volume of calls they are handling. I finally got thru. Go back and read thru this thread again and you will see all is fine.
  4. One heck of a story...but my gosh. This is just an investment in currency.
  5. All is good guys. I finally broke thru and all is good. I was not aware of the required "photo ID and copy of cashiers check" that has to be faxed to them first before they will ship the Dinar out for orders OVER 1 million. They can make that more clear as the agent at Dinar Trade agreed, but all is good now. I really didn't mean to scare anyone. Just curious if people were running into my same dilemma. Go RV! P.s. Dinar Trade is top notch and this is NOT a reflection of their professionalism whatsoever!!
  6. I'm not concerned that they won't make good on this...but if they can't handle this PRE RV volume, what does that say for the POST RV volume. Yea I know, they will have 5000 lines, but you know. They are courteous and professional no doubt and I've bought a TON of dinar over the last 6 months from them. Just a little frustrating when I've emailed, faxed, and called well over 100 times in that past 3 days and a HUGE reserve balance went out with no confirmation. You understand what I'm saying. I guess I'll wait on this as I've gotten good at the waiting game. Just sayin'. Ok...they just put me on hold and as long as I don't get dropped...I did get thru. Thanks all and good luck everyone!! Go RV!
  7. This isn't meant to freak anyone out, but I have tried repeatedly to reach DT by their toll free and the local number and it goes to, in essence, a dead line. I am hoping it is because of the 5000 line install that is perhaps happening at for the past 3 days, but I am stuck with a reserve due today of which I wired the funds as well as a purchase from the 16th that I am yet to receive the Dinar. Any help or reassurance that someone is getting thru would be much appreciated. P.s. I did fax and email them as well. Still no reply!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Definitely the "black sheep" of the China family BEFORE they went global I might add. I would bet they'd throw that baby out with the bath water in a Chinese minute!!
  9. Which at that time WAS a gift tax over $12k. Today it is $13k, as we have discussed. When you give more (trivia purposes) than the minimum, there is an implied tax called a "Gifting Tax". This is not cheap (I think it starts at 35%, seek counsel) and taxed to the one giving the gift. They file a form 709 for amounts over $13k in the year 2010 and 2011. Needless to say, there are better ways to give more than the maximum. NOTE: If you gift more than the max and don't file the appropriate documentation, then nothing really happens UNLESS the IRS audits you or the gift recipient for any reason and finds this gift having been given. Than penalties and taxes become the consequence of course. Just some info since it came up in this thread. Hope it helps.
  10. You are dead on davhina. All the other posts are really driving at a true "gifting" scenario that is up and over the $13,000 limit's. Anything less does NOT need to be proven so simple buy a Christmas gift card that you can slip money into and budda bing budda bang, you have gifted, LEGALLY, some money to your friend. Think about you have to do a letter if you gave her $10, $100, $1,000? Nope! You just hand her cash. This is exactly what you are doing here. The key (if it ever came up which is so remote I cannot begin to tell you) is to have her cash in AFTER the RV obviously and all is fine. If you feel better with the letter, so be it. It isn't necessary though.
  11. the next 48 hours I am happy to see the GOI actually formerly formed so I'd have to say a 5 in the next 48 hours and a 10 by Jan 2.
  12. You shouldn't have gotten a negative for that question Tommy. At least you didn't ask what the rate and date were going to be. With Iraq, I don't believe they EVER set a time to hammer something out and then stick to it like what you find more times than not in other governments (I assume this anyway). I am guessing Upgradeable to be right though...probably not till the back half of their meeting. Now, what the heck does that mean or when? I might have an easier time at figuring out the rate and date!? Maybe not!
  13. I didn't quite get your meaning as to whether you were weary of Dinar Trade after an RV or the all to simple event of an RV thay pays us out HUGE regardless of where we exchange the currency (being you used DT as an example). Well, surely, one does not have to go to a currency broker if that was the worry...that takes care of that. But if you meant what I was hearing in that this whole RV thing paying out ridiculous sums, well then, I cannot imagine ONE sole on these boards that hasn't thought the same thing or why would they be on here? Let me throw out an example of why this can be a reality. We've all heard of IPO's, mainly back in the late 90's before the tech bubble of the NASDAQ took a nose dive upwards of 50%. Before that fall, people were buying penny stocks and selling at HUGE gains with companies that were worthless to start with, but everyone was doing it thus inflating the price of worthless stock to start with, right? This is truly no different in its potential. Oh, but so much different in its intrinsic value i.e. oil, gas, agriculture etc. So, if anyone is second guessing, well, we all understand. It's our defense mechanism. I suggest remembering that highly speculatice investing is a crap shoot, but this is very unique and the odds are with the investors this time, not the house. Doesn't guarantee a darn thing, but with these kind of odds for such a huge payout, well, we've all determined it's worth the risk. Final thought...if you have spent the money in your head (or worse, in actuality as you wait for the RV) then I this is truly where the anxiety and impatience lies. Forget about what it will do for you or it will drive you to the rubber room where we only have ourselves to blame. P.s. I am no different. I have to put myself in check everytime the next set back or negative article stirs fires me up. This is a "ride". Buckle up and try to find the unique opportunity that this is. It'll be over in a flash and wouldn't you rather know you EARNED it with knowledge as opposed to FOUND it by luck? Just sayin
  14. Not to argue with you Ivy, really. But how do you see him to be accurate when he states in this last post that the DFI fund is extended one year vs. 6 months? That alone...and I can go on to other points he mentions that aren't accurate either. Just curious if you noticed some of the obvious not that it matters.
  15. Here are the issues with AC that is plain and evident. I wanted to pay attention to his view, but he has unfortunately shown his true colors to discredit himself. He clearly is more interested in "gloating" on how correct he is or has been. Truth is, he is usually always late on his information as I've read most of what he states hours if not days before his posting. He clearly has some form of a vendeta against un-named sites or people that he clearly hammers on each time or almost each time he posts. Not what I call professional. How do we take someone serious that can't at least be professional? His information, lately anyway, that if it isn't already known information via many other sources prior to his "claim of knowledge" tends to be innacurate. An example of this, unless something has changed, is this last post where he said the DFI was extended ONE year as opposed to what was televised and stated on many news periodicals as being 6 months extension. This is just one of many example of false information. While I don't wish to hammer on anyone, I have to say this source has very definitely lost credibility and therefore a source I would not encourage listening to anymore than others unless if false information does something for you. I ask...why should we ever subject ourselves to misleading information when time and time again it is either late or innacurate. You be the judge. Hrdbawl P.s. Yes, I agree. There is a lot of irony in that last paragraph. Nobody has been dead on yet per se, but at least we can read it from sources that aren't carrying a grudge in their tone or without the "cockiness" if you will. Just Sayin'
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