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  1. You are a disgrace and a sacriledge. Your punishment will be well deserved.
  2. This is probably the most negative site on the web. Here you will be told the dinar will be worthless, it will lop, you will not see the rv until much much later. Check out other sites and you will find the info you want (with links). There is a reason other sites cannot be mentioned here. Think about it. The notes will co exist until the large notes are removed by cashing in. The RV will occur by the 15th and will be a minimum of $3.22. Most folks are saying $3.86. Do I have links to support that? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! But the rules of this site will not allow them to be posted here. Don't you find that strange? Go out and look for them on other dinar sites and you will find the reassurance you need.
  3. Sorry you got chastised instead of your question answered. That happens a LOT here. This article (Rumor-to please PVS) is also posted on the other dinar sites with more viable explanations. Check around the other sites as well as this one. But hurry--I don't think you have more than a few days according to all I have heard and read. Welcome to the dinar roller coaster.
  4. This post belongs to Steve. IMO if HE is banned from this site--you should not have the gall to post his information. You should especially not have the nerve to post it without giving him full credit in the original post and certainly not without asking his permission first.
  5. Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 11/21/2010 Barbara Bush: I hope Palin stays in Alaska By Matt DeLong In an interview with Larry King set to air Monday, former first lady Barbara Bush said she hopes former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin chooses to stay in Alaska. "I sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful," Bush said. "And I think she's very happy in Alaska -- and I hope she'll stay there."
  6. I caled the get team. $25.82 and it is done.
  7. sounds good to me. Maybe celebrating something we are waiting for??????
  8. let me know too,please. Without them this site is not going to be much.
  9. So because the guy wore a gold cross, his info was taken as fact. Nice to know the criteria we use for fact finding about the dinar.
  10. Has anyone thought of the fact that IF they were selling 1 IQD for 1 USD that would mean the lower denoms are on the street and the RV had occurred and there would be no point..
  11. A dry sense of humor is very often wasted on those who have none. Great post Ransom. I thought it was funny.
  12. Isn't this the smart cards and dind't we see that they were paid last week???
  13. They have a specific amount of dinar in circulation. A rush on the dinar would make the brokers rich but would not put anymore on the market. We would simply deplete the amount the brokers have in their vaults. no more dinars coming out-zero auctions.
  14. Yes, His name should be capitalized. However the thought was wonderful, and God is big--I'm sure He didn't mind.
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