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  1. Lol, guess I know why I didnt see this post on the "other" site. Lol. Why in particular did he say those of us from Texas have his prayers?
  2. Doesnt matter to me how long we wait. We are all tired and ready. As far a Mr. Robinson, since he said God told him, he has to be right on! I mean no twisting of the numbers in the rate or this date that tends to bounce around, or in my book he is a liar. There is no possible way that if God told him, that anything would be off. It would be exact to the penny and day because God doesn't make mistakes.
  3. I hope he wouldn't sing like a bird if there was a gag order on it. If so let's pray he does t have a top secret clearance.
  4. I can't dance but I have to admit I did a lil something when I read this article. Lol
  5. Considering where it's coming from if it is true, this could be a very good thing.
  6. Just an FYI. My fiancé works for the gov. She says she has known of the possible gov shutdown since January. Just told me this yesterday, she also said that the emails they have been receiving states that it should only be 2 weeks.
  7. Received this email from a gov site that I joined while serving my time.
  8. I saw it in the book also, except I was at chase inquiring about the VND. She was flipping through it looking, I saw it and asked her to go back. She said why, I said I thought I saw a currency that I have (dinar). She asked which one so I told her. Immediately the teller next to her, who was smack dab in the middle of counting another customers money looks at me and says "we do not exchange the Iraqi dinar." I wanted to say more but the fact that there was a line and the way she came across changed my mind.
  9. "head on...apply directly to the forehead, head on...apply directly to the forehead" lol that was a crazy commercial. Seriously though, get better Doc and come back.
  10. What part of east Texas? I'm from Tyler!!! 903 oh ya! Goooo RV
  11. Love it! I knew what just abou all of them meant. Had to think on a few though. The TOJ threw me off for a sec
  12. Well, I talked it over with the wife. She's not having it, already skeptical about the whole dinar thing. That and I bought a lot w/o telling her. Oh well I'm good. She only found 300k. Not the mil. Gotta make sure I'm set, worse case scenario. Wish I could, I'm sorry
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