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  1. okay kids, how can you have any pudding if you dont eat your meat?
  3. 20 million I appreciate your knowledge and skills so much. This article is sooo right on that it explains how our Planet will end up with one currency, one leader and eventually NO CURRENCY. Pray for Israel and keep up the good work.
  4. Thanx HITMAN. I dont pretend to be anybody or get unnecessary attention, but in the days we are in right now, it is a challenge to keep the faith. Testing of the minds and hearts are becoming more frequent. So I called a friend of mine at he White House, no not the PRESIDENT... just a lobbyist that spends countless hours going room to room fighting for the rights of BELIEVERS. So I told him I had bought some dinar and asked Him what He thought. He Was Very Quick and adamant to assure me that it was a GREAT INVESTMENT, and that many folks up there were invested as well.... so there. KEEP THE FAITH GUYS AND GALS. PAUL SAID CAST DOWN BUT NOT FORSAKEN FIGHT THE FIGHT ENDURE TO THE END ANOTHER SAID THE WEALTH OF THE WICKED IS LAID UP FOR THE RIGHTEOUS MY RIGHTEOUSNESS COMES FROM CHRIST, GRAFTED IN..STRONG... I'M AN HEIR..... HOW ABOUT YOU? AND GOD BLESS MY FRIEND AND EX RELATIVE WHO FIGHTS FOR THE FAITH IN OUR CAPITOL. ARE THEY EVER REALLY AN EX?......
  5. Boudreaux dies and finds hisself at the PEARLY GATES, and St.Peter welcomes him. "Hi Boudreaux! Welcome to heaven!" Boudreaux says" Tanks mon. So what do I do now since I made it, hanh?" St Peter exlplains another angel will soon greet him to take him to his next stop and points to the waiting area... So as Boudreaux is waiting he sees a Huge Wall as big as the East is to the West, Full of all kinds of Strange and Wonderful Clocks... "Hey St. Peter, wass all dees clocks for hanh?" St. Peters says that Everyone has a Clock that moves One click or One Second, for every lie that they have ever told. So Boudreaux, being the Observant Man he is, says "Well Cha, dis clock mus be broke yea 'cause it aint moved but one secund!"..."Oh no," says St. Peter. "That clock belongs to Sister Theresa, she only lied once in her entire life!"..."Wow, dats good yea" says Boudreaux. Man all deez clocks... but... what about that empty spot wit de clock missin hanh, wassup wit dat hanh?" ..."OH" says St. Peter... "THAT CLOCK"... WELL if you MUST know, IT belonged to MR. OBAMA!...Our precious Lord is using HIS for a ceiling fan because it spins so fast!".... "ahh", says Beaudreaux! "Dat makes some kinda sense yea!"
  6. uhh would you like fries with that
  7. Cant for the life of me understand why WB supported him in the election....
  8. Aye Aye Captain! I do! Ido! And grateful I might add
  9. Thanks guys. I continue to hope because I know that mainstream news is not looking where WE are looking...
  10. Can anyone please send me information....links, that proves that Dr. Shabibi was actually present this past week at the Wyoming Conference? I would greatly appreciate this AND any replies or subjects that came up concerning Iraq during this discussion. Thanks Team!
  11. Heres my 2cents worth: A: I chose to invest because people who are accomplished at investing reccomended it. I trust people who do this on a regular basis MORE than I trust my research gathered in a short 9 months before I bought them. B: I EXPECT a safer and more profitable return on this than some of the other countries have gained...or lost... because of the Simple Fact that these people are sitting on the greatest assets in the world... oil. No body has ever taken it from them. C: If I am concerned, and that in no means implies WORRIED, I am concerned that we are dealing with a people who since the time of Abraham have a history of fighting, rebellion, independence... characteristics that are UNBECOMING of a wise investment.... they dont like being controlled, and they dont like Americans... therefore our Profiting on their Economy is the least of their Interests... they are playing by the rules prescribed only long enough to rise up and do what THEY want to do... and IMO... that is the greatest risk factor... will they allow USA to profit from them or not?......this concludes my 2cents worth for now...
  12. You DO remember one of the reasons we CANT post the date and the rate, right? Because Iraq is so unpredictable...just saying GO RV!!!
  13. They were supposed to be able to post by August 31. Please read article.
  14. Theres no place like home, theres no place like home, theres no place like home! .........Let it be as you have spoken.
  15. Good points and good news ev1. Great balance of opinion.... Now, what if Iraq (aka the Muslim nation)..... no disrespect intended... decides THEY are running everything and dont need anyone's help past this "opening of the gates" and has a totally other plan ready that leaves them High Rollers by other methods... please entertain me with your thoughts.... dont be afraid to think outside the box.
  16. What do you see in America's Future? I hope we rebound. But if we do not Unite to Save our Country and stay divided into what our Country represents and how its run I am concerned.
  17. Oh, now we are saying "if" it RVs... I will be polite. Okay, the answer to the question in my "totally not counting on MY knowledge" opinion is somewhere between .10 initially and grow over a 10 year period to its previous value or greater. And our own country's declining dollar is not used as the equation.... dont hate me
  18. He is one of many. Although he has influence. If our Nation had not lost its power and respect under his regime we would have MUCH more influence..
  19. If you invest expecting 3000% and end up with 300% you haven't truly succeded, you merely survived.... IMHO
  20. .85 after all is said and done wouldn't be so bad, but starting with .85 then selling short and fees, etc... would be about .50 IMHO.
  21. Iraqi Reparations Moving Rapidly Posted on 01 August 2011. Tags: Kuwait, Oil The UN has approved the release of another US$1bn from the reparations fund that compensates Kuwaiti businesses, government bodies and international organisations for losses due to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Iraq has now repaid more than $33bn of its $52bn due in damages claims. The $1bn comes from a 5% cut of Iraqi oil sale revenue that goes to a UN-controlled fund. From 1994 to 2003, the amount taken was 25%. Five companies and four other bodies will receive the compensation. As usual, the UN has not named the claimants receiving compensation. (Sources: UN; Iraq Directory; Voice of America)
  22. Way to go ADAM.Way to Go! Most of the gripers are not even VIP. Just like the ones who gripe about tithing.... Because our Government has become "a big dog" that thinks it is suppose to run everything the way THEY want to, and because they throw out little "treats" to the Gimme crowds, it is causing a huge slide in our Society to EXPECT someone else to always take care of them while they are critical of the unearned treats....not accusing anyone in specific...really. We need our Country restored to what made it great. Sorry if I sound like I'm puking.
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