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  1. they are getting new currency to impliment arbil agreement .. its in the kurdistan constitutuiion that the currency must have kurdish writing on it .. it will also include english as well as arabic ....putting english language on their currency is proof of rv coming to america ... we dont have an one elses language on our currency... should be coming soon .. once military is safly out of country with all their contractors would be hard to have rv ....knowing all your contractors in theator own iraqi dinars and would just quit their job once they found out they were rich ..but the time is near ...and they wont care that the contractors go home ..all the truck drivers ect.should be just about done ...our mission is complete and on schedule a little early too ..about a month early .. but they wouldnt be leaving if they were not complete with their mission ..if any one touchs iraq now while they are volnerable .. they will get pummled .. carpet bombed and maybe more .
  2. i hear that .. you could carry around one dollar note for a coke or carry one 1000 dinar note for a coke .. where do ya get a suit case full of dinars .. its one note either way. one note has zeros on it .. it doesnt maen its more notes to carry .. both one note .. same value
  3. lots of people believe that theres a time limit on fixing global warming or its irrevesable .. .. so once we get by these time limits those people can go hide and make something else up ..they should do a search on www for all end of world predictions .. they go back for thousands of years ,, but they never happen .. its just wierdness .. too much time on certain peoples handsand they dream up wierd things .. just think if no one did anything ecxept sit around and think .. how much crap we would hear about .. thats why its important for our govt to keep a buisness friendly envionment so people have a job .. somewhere to go keep their mind occupied .. and you must keep money important .. if it isnt important .. or if people get to much of it .... people will not respect it any more ..and wont work for it ,, then were back to to much time on our hands ..its taken thousands of years to get to where we are .. it could go on a whim ..reduced to total kaos the daily kos produces
  4. this fits to exactly waht i was told in jan 2005 .. im not saying this is all true but what i was told is this was going to rv to 31 cents per dinar somewhere around 2016.... thats along way off .. and i never planned on an earlier rv .. till i started reading some posts .. on dd in early march .. and then i found this site this summer .. i didnt follow this until this year ..after reading things from people like okie ..and those clowns .. i got all excited and then found out okie was not a good source shortly after ... but i do realize lots of progress has been made .. so .. im into it .. go rv ,,i guess that sums up what i dont know
  5. you buy the possession of a currency and not the ownership of a currency for a currency is owned by a central bank and not by you. Now that you have possession of currency, you have the option to sell that currency for some other form of value. It is in the selling process where currency provides a service for you. Currency is assisting in the fulfillment of a transaction, aiding in the trading of values. It is in that perspective where currency has value. Various Currencies with Various Valuations There are numerous currencies in circulation today. The United States dollar, European euro, the Japanese yen and others are only some of the various currencies out there. Though they are all currencies, they vary in value. Some currencies are more valuable than other currencies. If they are all currencies, why do they have varying values? That question that crossed my mine in the early stages of my research regarding currencies. Allow me to introduce to you the factors that give currency value. The two factors that give a currency its value is what I call the quantity factor or money supply and the quantity and quality of goods and services factor. The Two Factors The Quantity Factor The Goods and Services Factor Let me explain what I mean by tackling each factor one by one. In regards to the quantity factor, which can also be known as the money supply factor, the amount of currency available in an economy has a huge influence on the valuation of a currency. The more currency in circulation, the less valuable a currency becomes. When there is too much currency in an economy, the currency undergoes devaluation. This is where Iraq is right now. If there is too little currency circulating in an economy, the currency will undergo revaluation. The quantity of currency available is a major factor. This is why the central bank wants to delete the zeros. so they have less currency. If you had ten dollars and they were worth 10 cents each .. and you wanted to have a dollar with more value .. you could delete one zero and turn those 10 dollars into 1 new dollar with the same value as 10 of your old dollars had . how .. well you have to destroy 9 out of 10 old dollars and make one dollar,, a new more valuable dollar ya think if you did that you would give someone 10 new valuable dollars for 10 old ones ... the answer is they are only worth 10 cents each .. you give 10 you get back one new dollar... but the value doesnt change between the 10 old ones and the one new . Both can buy the same thing . iraq is saying they are deleting 3 zeros .. that would mean you get 1000 new dinars for 1 million old ones ...i hope its smoke and they only delete one zero .. second best hope for only 2 zeros .. .. if they delete 2 zeros you would get back $8600.00 for your million dinars .. if they delete 1 zero you would get back $86,000 .... now if they delete and rv at the same time .. say to 4 dollars for one dinar ..your $ 8600.00 is multiplied times four and have a value of $34,400 ....if they delete 1 zero you would end up with $344,000.00 i personlally dont think they have 27 trillion dollars worth of wealth they can come up with to support rving at dollar for dinar .. without a deletion of zeros...or a zero ...but they will reduce the number of dinars into the rv... its simple devision .. and multiplication ... i added a couple things to some things i copied and pasted .. this guy here >>>> is knowledgable>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<< How a Strong Currency Affects an Economy and another >> <<<Factors That Give Currency Value <<<<< Money Supply i know .....i know ... iraq is different
  6. it will probably rv tommarro for 8 dollars like okie says... freak you out
  7. if they do delete three zeros off the currency .. the zeros come off the rates as well .. from .86...your lower denomins will be devided by 1000 just like every other currency .. eletronically your total amount of dinars will be devided by 1000.. but worth .86 cents .. no change in the value you had before or after ... if you had 10000 dollars worth of dinars before deletion ... thats what you have after removing 3 zeros .. 10,000 worth of new dinars its that simple ........ they could add a rv to it at 4 dollars and you could end up with 40,000 at the end ....not to bad of a return ... we hope they are stupid and give us 4 million dollars back for 10000 dollars... but im not sure they will do that .. if they do ...yes we will all be estatically goofy for some time a 50 dinar note will be like this >>>> .050//// instead of 50... or 5 one hundreths of a dinar ..... didnt fall into paying 3 to 7 times what dinars are currently worth .. brietling kinda pushed that ... opening warka accounts ect .
  8. Currency Code Service (ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency) SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd acts as the ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency on behalf of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its Swiss member SNV (Swiss Association for Standardization). ISO's currency codes were last published in 2008. Between published editions, the currency codes are maintained by SIX Interbank Clearing in accordance with procedures established by the standard. In addition to processing applications for codes, the maintenance agency maintains updated lists and makes them available online. Intended for use in any application of trade, commerce and banking, as well as in the public sector, the ISO 4217 publication is designed to be equally suitable for manual use or in information technology applications. As the only recognised, authoritative source on currency code designations, SIX Interbank Clearing supplies interested parties with the most up-to-date currency codes. i have no clue what they are up to
  9. iso is a standardization of quality ......we use iso 9000 and iso 9001 in manufacturing .. it maintains a standard that is good at all participating organizations ... so if one manufacturer is making the same part as another manufacturer .. both parts will be identical so in assembly they both fit where they are supposed to go .. like a starter on your car .. it should not matter who makes the starter if they are meeting iso 9000 standards .. .. its just a type of quality control .. to keep counterfiting out ..... if they are producing new currency so what .. it could be the smaller denominatiions ... it could be coins ... it could be a 100,000 note ....we all know for a rv to take place they would need to introduce smaller denominations .. it does not mean lop does not necessarily point to bad news .. so all yall who want to push that ...i strongly disagree .. you have no proof of anything .. just like the rest of us here... they may have to meet certain standards to become traded globally ... iso >>>>
  10. billions of dinars have been stolen by who knows who .. alkieda ? ... who knows .. but a couple different occasions i read about 4 billion being stolen 7 billion being stolen would you like some alkieda member becoming a billionare off this rv ...then we would have another osama bin ladin on our hands ........ i dont know what the hold up is ..but im sure its important ..
  11. this is the first article they talk about zeros but dont mention that its 3 zeros .. they dont have to remove 3 zeros ..>>>> Redenomination1 has a long history: in the 19th century, when governments faced shortages of gold or silver, they sometimes adjusted the value of their coins accordingly (recoinage; see Helleiner 2003). Among developing and transition nations, currency redenomination was employed on 60 occasions during the 1960-2003 period.2 These redenominations varied in size, from removing one zero from the currency (14 instances) to removing six zeros (9 instances); the median redenomination was three zeros, dividing the currency by 1000. Nineteen countries have used redenomination on one occasion, while ten countries have redenominated twice (sometimes, with many years in between, as in Bolivia, in 1963 and 1987; in other cases, redenominations follow rather quickly, as in Peru in 1985 and 1991). Argentina (4), the former Yugoslavia/Serbia (5), and Brazil (6) are the most frequent users of redenomination. Read more: i hope they only remove one zero
  12. Announcement No. (1976) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 12-SEP-2011. The results were as follows: Details Notes Number of banks 20 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 210,060,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 210,060,000 Total offers for selling (US$) to buy that many dollars it takes over 210 billion dinars ..
  13. i wasnt a propagandist openly admitting he was using propaganda ...did you listen to it ? .. your analogy doesnt add up like mine does .. . he slipped up .. he didnt even say the entire word before he catchs himself and covers it up ..thats how it sounded to me .. he actually only says ...>>>propagan<<< .. he doesnt say the entire word propaganda...then he realized he said the wrong thing and covered his tracks.. and explained how all levels would need to be involved .. . which would be true if a propaganda campaign would work .. you would need govt cooperation to have a successful propaganda campaign ..or it could eaisly be exposed .. i hope you dont think what your reading in these press releases is the truth .... i personally believe theres a smoke screen here and we actually hear very little of the truth ... just my opinion here .. nothing more remember the coin story .. they said they would have coins this week .... that was about a month ago ... smoke and mirrors creating uncertainty .. over and over .. uncertainty coming out of iraq about its curency.. show me any thing that is certain .. i can most likely show you an opposit article
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