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  1.    Still Laughing !! I think MSM should give up even trying. Trump makes very few mistakes but you know what ? A few is better then alot which would mean at the end of the day ( IMHO ) he will clinch his second term.


       Now that I think about it, Hilarious is going to get a term as well. Just not the one she was hoping for.... :)



  2. 7 minutes ago, Karsten said:


    If you don't to get start you sure as hell wont want me to even start thinking but i is to flippin late. It is time Conservatives start taking Fish Bats, Tire Thumpers or hell....Good old Bat bats to these battles. These antifa snowflakes run just before getting their butts kicked and yet they seem so disillusioned to claim victory. 


    Funny how they don't pull these anti American antics in any gun friendly state.....We would be piling up antifa like cordwood wondering if we could find enough hungry critters to feed them to.




    Not sure who I detest more ? antifa or the spineless Gov't officials that cave to them retart twits !!  :(


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