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The Talk



Please watch the video below...

From the album:

Wrong Think

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Gavin McInnes | Dear black parents: “The Talk” is child abuse

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes of says that when black parents tell their children that the cops are out to get them, that's child abuse.




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Nothing but Fear, hate in these parents veins... poor kids.   These kids can't even comprehend this hatred.  I don't think they even experiences such emotions with their little friends.  Their little hearts are innocent, playful, and now being destroyed.  Are these parents thinking they are protecting their children, I see otherwise.  This will back fire on these parents.

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Racism  is now in the hands of the black Americans. They refuse to see the problem. They just want to get away with anything they can and not show any responsibility for the outcome of there nefarious ways. And I don't include all black people in my statement. I know of many upstanding black men and women.

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Thanks Patty and Ranger.  We desperately need to have an HONEST conversation about race as a country.  So many blacks have accepted the lies of victimhood... I don't see that happening any time soon.  This division and inequality are manufactured by the left... the "soft bigotry of low expectations".  And to teach this hate and mistrust to children... disgraceful.   <_<

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Your absolutely correct whatshername. That's the only way the lowlife s#!t, stirring left can get ahead anymore. Besides increasing the free bees  for people who don't understand what their goulash is ( to make us into children of government) 

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I know many awesome Black people and am proud to call them friends. They are just as disgusted as most with the majority not taking responsibility for there actions but are swift with using the race card.



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