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  1. So I guess "little man" is ok with you? Toughin up buttercup....or go hide behind ur keyboard, or provide another hit job article on America via the guardian. Ur real tough when running away....bye bye butter cup
  2. As can being Bi-polar (middle of the road/Left)
  3. LOL!! Psycho babble, u saint hood umbertino got another thing common
  4. ur hope is that Trump is involved....period. Anyone else is just iceing on the cake - smh. As I stated earlier those involved should be castrated & put away for life. U must've missed that while trolling for anything anti-Trump
  5. I don't hide on anything, I speak my mind and don't hide like u & umbertino....sorry if the truth (something u might want to try) hurts - pathetic
  6. u pathetic middle of the road troll!!! I criticize the like of u who ONLY hate on specific folk, tho claim to be open minded! No wonder you and umbertino get along, ur one in the same.
  7. The left & MSM have a history of squelching stories that make themselves look bad/slimy
  8. also the ability to hide behind the keyboard
  9. I bet u just cringe at the possibility of ANYONE on the left being caught up in this.....smh
  10. The Left & MSM HATES facts that reverse their negative narrative on any of the above will be squashed in lieu of inuendo's
  11. HOPEFULLY this doesn't turn out like the Vatican/Catholic Church. But I agree with whats been stated here.......messin with underage girls/boys is worthy of castration & life in prison
  12. I criticize America constantly via the Guardian.....buttttt I'm not anti- American...................uhhhhh rrrrrrright - LOL!!!!!! Im sure you've heard the saying "leopards can't change their spots" fits perfectly here. You can try as u will.......but the proof is in the pudding. And no one says you have to think with the sane......just own what you believe
  13. sometimes people react do to guilt by association
  14. hmmm freedom of speech just flew out the window according to Umbertino. Well I guess if ur a proponent of communism then its a normal reaction
  15. Michelle.....America's 1st Transgender 1st lady? hmmmmm maybe that explains the manly looks & body structure
  16. Thank GOD for the electoral college!!!!!! The easily led portion of society that voted for this bastion truth would've already created a monument for this poor excuse of a human being if they would've had their way
  17. I know, I know..... u can't be anti-American cause you know ONE! That's like saying David Dukes isn't a racist cause he's known one African American - smh
  18. "wonder boy".......haven't heard that Barry was being considered for any wrongdoing....not that just his being elected wasn't a crime in itself. But even if he were to be indicted MSM & the left wouldn't report it or just give him a pass regardless of the charge
  19. Heck ROCKFISH even pissed on the last book he DID'nt write!
  20. I believe because the "DARK CLOUD GANG" is such a positive force on anything remotely positive not just Dinar they aren't invited to Adam's chats. That's just a guess, Adam or the mods could answer that question 100%
  21. yes sir between u and I. Between the left & MSM no on that I'm serious. As always I respect your views and love your humor
  22. don't know who or why you were negged.....but ur reputation as anti-American didn't just "poof" from the sky.....its well deserved from articles you've presented over the years.
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