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  1. I got move here as mod review...seems to be a lot of that going around lately
  2. Money loses value due to loses it REALLY quickly during hyper-inflation. That is where the value of their currency went and that is why it can't come back over didn't go away over night.
  3. they can do this with a new currency as well....growing the value slowly is what will happen if they continue to doesn't matter if it is the current currency or the one they will be coming out with shortly.
  4. And you think these greedy dark magicians are going to make you and all of the other dinar holders instant millionaires?...screwing over America has nothing to do with the CBI's ability to pay out Trillions and Trillions of dollars for a revalued IQD...It is NOT possible and won't happen.
  5. thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family...regrettably there will be no RV by April 5th...I hope you will reconsider ever using layaway to purchase dinar in the future. there will not be a big overnight just isn't possible or ever going to happen....I hope you get a break soon...all the best.
  6. Legolas and Dinarck...if there are any specific articles or posts that you would like to address...just let me know and I will copy them over to the LOP section so you can...
  7. Try googleing "fractional reserve banking" Also, FWIW...fractional reserve banking doesn't apply to covering the is only a requirement for commercial banks...not central banks.
  8. I'm sure y'all saw this is about as clear as it's funny how this one is considered "smoke" and the other delete the zeros is considered an RV...when they both are clearly discussing the exact same thing...I'm not sure if people are trying to mislead others or are really that confused.... A few weeks ago, a source at the Iraqi Central Bank announced the government’s plan to [re-denominate] the [iraqi] currency by cutting three zero from all notes, effectively dividing these notes by 1000. 1000 dinar notes would be changed to one dinar notes and 5000 [old dinars] would equal five new dinars. The new currency will be introduced in 2012. The process will take up to two years, at the end of which the old currency will ultimately be void. However, banks will continue to accept [the old notes] for another 10 years - for exchange against new notes,. Read more:
  9. "CBI Source: reveal the intentions to raise the value of each Iraqi Dinar to $1 usd per IQD" it is in the title...the current value is roughly 1/10th of a get it to equal $1 US dollar as stated in the title and throughout it would be a 100,000% increase. Maybe math isn't one of your strengths....but as you know the ROTHCHILDS own the CBI and they want to spend all of their money making you rich...... If you need more help just let me know...all the best Read more:
  10. I always respected the effort you put into research and your opinions even though we didn't always agree....but I thinning you are correct that there are other opportunities with better potential.
  11. So the are telling the WORLD that they are going to increase the value by 100000% yet Yall are the only ones who have figured this out? iF they were going to RV do you honestly believe they would have a media campaign around it?...really? LOL
  12. so your theory is that inside of Iraq the old 25k note is worth the new 25 dinar note...but outside of Iraq the 25k note is worth 25k new dinar?? really? why would it matter if it is inside of the country or outside?...why would anyone trade it in in Iraq...they would all cross the border so they could get a higher exchange...if a 25k dinar note is worth a new 25 dinar doesn't matter if it is in-country or out.
  13. Well there is only ONE "neighboring Arab Country" that has a currency of $3 (little bitty Kuwait) is that what your are basing your belief in?...Saudi is around $.28. And yes, a redenomination with an increase in value does give them greater purchasing power....Turkey successfully redenominated their currency...Iraq has specifically used them as an example over and over are aware of that right? Only in the dinar forum world are these articles so grossly misunderstood.
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