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  1. move east and I moved back out west to the desert!
  2. Still around buddy....just been REALLY busy with work and some other things...making big changes this year!
  3. Most countries do give advance notice if they are changing the currency Cy in order to educate the citizens. Why wouldn't they let people know?
  4. Why? He was the original man in charge heading the plan to lop the dinar....
  5. You should know by now the copy and paste king just likes to paste information as to appear knowledgeable, and just says anything random.below it as if it proves his point lol
  6. You still don't know the difference between a RD and and a RV when looking at it....The german currency was redenominated. There was no profit to be made on that transaction. It was a wash...
  7. Then I guess I'm on my own getting the X6M..... Champix? Is that covered by health insurance? What kind of side affects?
  8. If your talking on a V8 it's because of the labor....The gasket is only a few bucks lol. What car is this on? Didn't you buy that 3 series? Yours just has the oil filter housing gasket that is common leak behind alternator, but would be no where close to that cost so I assume this isent on yours lol
  9. If your going to throw money away, just send it to me instead, want to get the new X6M that's coming
  10. never cease to amaze! The entertainment value of your creative nonsense is what keeps me coming back. It's true what they say, laughter is the best medicine!! Came down off the fence after a couple years being spent really dissecting all the information the masses were meant to believe as to why this speculation would happen just as we all hoped. It's not about being negative about it all, it's just coming to terms with the reality of the situation. It happens with all dinarians after a certain amount of time....different for each person...
  11. Actually I'm not implying anything....assuming gets you no where. Taking things for what they are right now which in effect is why you sound clueless saying what you did.
  12. You would fork out all this money to fly people around the world to Iraq, to deplete the reserves you have backing the value of your currency?
  13. If your so sure they might have a chance then why did you sell out? Your a talking contradiction.... You still haven't learned about the difference between a market driven currency like the USD which is backed by its goods and services available, and a pegged currency which is backed by the central banks reserves? Come on now....what have you been doing all this time?
  14. Don't worry, dontknow has a lot of built up frustration now that he realizes he was wrong about so many things and your an easy target cause your down here in the are his therapist, he just doesn't know it yet
  15. Seeing as how Iraqs revenue is based almost all on oil, it's not really an opinion your stating....
  16. Thanks maggie! Good to see you as well....I'm still around...just mostly lurking and reading...
  17. I didn't have to succeed, you do it to yourself just speaking.... Lol...can't let those go dry!! That would be no bueno!!!
  18. Says the guy who thinks the Swiss dinar revalued lol....pot calling the kettle black....
  19. Well he does still think that the Swiss dinar revalued so what does that tell you? Lol....and even after all this time of shoving logic down his throat it took him quite a while to understand it and finally sell out... So to answer your question, yes! Lol
  20. Do you even know who has the largest reserves in the world that isn't being touched? I'll give you a's not in the middle east....
  21. Do you think they can raise the value of the dinar with that much in circulation?
  22. If the dinar was so undervalued, they would raise the value to match it's worth since they are having such an issue with the faith behind the dinar...but they havent, so what does that tell you genius?
  23. It's been stated that if they delete the zeros, the new exchange rate will be at 86 cents. So even if you are able to exchange your dinar back to USD, you end up just losing money
  24. I've got A lot of job security with them. The engines are getting g efficient t but ours are very high maintenance lol. I could see some manufacturers going the route you speak, but it wouldn't work with us lol. Warranty work is still going strong and it helps that they offer the 4yr 50k when you buy and then you can get warranty after that up to 100k! If you need work come on over haha!
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