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The 2014 elections: Maliki's coalition in March and April and Iraqi Kurds in June

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Haider Ali Jawad -27/08/2013-11: 13 am | Hits: 139


Caution "State of law" coalition led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the impact of political differences on the electoral and political parties law, the upcoming legislative elections and postponement, views differed on the expiry date of the current legislative session.

The last legislative elections in March 2010, the Parliament held its first meeting in June announced the formation of the Government in November.

He said "the rule of law," Salman al-Musawi said the upcoming legislative elections, must be in the third month of the next year, after four years of recent legislative elections".

"The issue to extend the life of the Government and Parliament irrelevant now, because that goes against the Constitution and will enter the country in the dark tunnel not know its end", and "but we fear that failure to pass the election law, parties in time to postpone the election date, and lack of respect for the constitutional appointment to its known ythazei".

The Kurdish Parliament extended the mandate of President Barzani two central objection blocks the opposition.

Mosawi noted that its mass is not in favour of extending the work of the Government and working to create the appropriate atmosphere for the elections".

"The Government must be able to hold elections without terrorist groups control and influence in the county or somewhere".

"The increased insecurity has forced the Government to postpone local elections in Anbar and Nineveh before months, won't be repeated in the parliamentary elections".

The Deputy of the "coalition of Kurdish blocs" revealed days ago that there was talk in the House cafeteria on the age of the Government formed eight months, some deputies spoke about the extension of this period to complete a four-year.

The smart Alliance MP Najib "the Constitution requires the election date 45 days prior to the date of the convening of the first session of Parliament, which has completed four legislative chapters." "Stared the election date will be April of next year".

"All parliamentary blocs declared their support for postponing the elections, but we don't know what will happen in the coming months, it could delay the adoption of the electoral law more than expected", adding that "the Election Commission needs at least 60 a day after the adoption of the electoral code and ratify it, so that you can finish the technical and logistical preparations for the elections".

And the possible extension of the work of the current Government, Najib said "it depends on the political consensus and the reasons for the extension in time, we cannot predict what will happen now".

The Prosecutor said "Iraqi list", Khalid Al-alwani, the end of the last legislative term of Parliament is the end of the election cycle, "Noting that" the elections may be in June next year"

But he stressed that ABC's schedule will not exceed the next year in any case, cannot be extended to the Maliki government, as happened in Kurdistan.

Al-alwani said the bloc "strongly rejects the extension of the Government failed to protect the lives of Iraqis and Iraqi components of marginalized".

Was likely "to raise a block of prime political and security problems to impede the election law, to compel Parliament to extend the mandate of the Government, then we will be in front of a major crisis cannot predict results".

Last month, Parliament held a first reading of the draft electoral law, which stipulates that the election system of multiple circuits and open the menu block "the Kurdistan Alliance," declared willingness to make Iraq one constituency instead of multiple services with the open list system supported.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Badr organization MP Karim Al Muhammadawi also, the continuing differences between the political blocs to the parliamentary elections Act proposal would delay made so there will be an extension of the work of the House of representatives.

Al Muhammadawi also said in a press statement that "there are differences on a proposed election law, between the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi National Alliance list, and also to paragraphs are to be adjusted," he said, adding that the law would delay and needed time for approval, if differences remain".

"In the absence of an electoral law will delay elections, so there will be an extension of his work".


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So what's maliki gonna do...

Deny the Constitution and prolong this thing until he kills off all his detractors so he can

hold his own election with only one party - HIS....?


Dictator for life.

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