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  1. Because Parliament is too cheap to buy 25 feet of rope.
  2. Well, if these places are like the suburbs around the twin cities, where the cops have to write enough tickets each month to pay their wages, you will get this kind of crap.
  3. Don' think it's kool-aid, more likely shine.
  4. Top communist leader meets with President of China.( swiped from some-one on this site )
  5. We have had 3 days of President Obama and Pope Obama.( I am catholic )
  6. A friend of mine paid for that build board of Bush, " miss me yet?" Yes I even miss him.
  7. Looks like it, doesn't it ! Like a man once said, he shot an arrow in the air and missed
  8. 78 years old and my hair-cut is done with a #2 comb.
  9. They face hard times in the US. I put 6 out of 6 in the bullseye. I have a 44 magnum.
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