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Does anyone have an opinion on what the best denomination of notes is to have?  Is it better to have lower denominations than the 25Ks?  

In my opinion when this happens it does not matter, money is money. 



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Some people seem to think they will do away with 25,000 notes and that you'll be better positioned with small notes as we here in the US can't just walk inot a bank and swap out notes out like someone in Iraq.


That said I personally do not believe this. No other country has ever done anything like this. Mexico, many African counties etc oftentimes slow down inflation and no longer need larger notes so they swap to smaller notes. I think Zimbabwe did something similar but the best example of Mexico in the 90's. They used to have 50,000 denomination coins plus even bigger notes. They knocked some zeroes off so if you had 50,000 coin it becomes 50 pesos. The value doesn't cahnge its still worth the same in US its just easier number and less currency to have to work with and worry about. When Mexico did this they didn't just do one note or a few notes the came out with an entirely diff currency and gave people like a year to turn in the old stuff.


In my opinion Iraq is not gonna get rid of just one note they would get rid of the entire currency and if that happenned your no better off having 500 notes than you are having 25,000 notes. 


Smaller notes cost more. It seems like the 10,000, 5,000, and even 1,000 dont go for that much of a premium but when you start getting into the smaller stuff i hear about people paying like $6,000 or more for a million in 50 notes.


In my opinion dont worry about denomination or even circulated or uncirculated. Get whatever is cheapest

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