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  1. Yahoo Business has the report . . . can't get the link to post If I had the answer I wouldn't be here asking questions
  2. Hello Doctor Smith, I have to say your post is an answer to my prayers. I just recently became aware of the industry and have been reading as much as I can to get educated. I answered a add offering to sell 50% profit sharing mining contract allegedly for life for a one time 5k investment for a 5000KH mining rig for life. I am not understanding all the lingo yet but what I've seen is lease contracts for rigs at 10GH for $700 a year that I can get into. I don't really know where to start but know that NOW is the time as I've seen reports of BitCoin ATM machines beginning to be placed in the states as well as many other positive readings on the industry. It would be an honor to speak with an experienced trader that's been through the trenches of trial and error with this. I'm ready to jump in and want to get involved in at least a small contract for March to get started. Any support or advise would be much appreciated as my investing grade to date would be in the gutter for sure. I'm looking at a particular company to get involved in SHA and Script contracts. Thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you. God Bless
  3. Working at Micky D's in production for 10 + years = NO AMBITION and or Brains . . Period !!! I visit McDonald's once a week and I have a BLAST messin with the incompetent cashiers that cant do simple math addition and subtraction but mind you they got all the TATS AND PIERCINGS for which to identify with,that's all that really matters to them as we now know that 2+2=5 in America It's priceless to see the deer in the headlights look from these cashiers when I hand em a 5 dollar bill and some change for my order of 4.34 and they just FREAK. Well there's your future America folks . . . Good luck with that. How can they possibly move on when can't even add and subtract . . . Fast Foodies for Life . . .lol. I worked there too and after about 3 months decided to get smart and get out !!!! You do have choices. God Help us
  4. twolincs

    Ticked off Granny

    God Bless you Patty . . . The TRUTH has no Agenda !!!!!! Great Letter
  5. Ge wiz Beaver, you mean its gonna cost more than what was promised,by golly I'm shocked and can't understand what could have possibly gone wrong. DUH
  6. Reboot Washington DC NOW !!!!!! Enough is enough . . . when are Americans gonna Stand against this Tyrannical Government
  7. Exactly ! the time to stand is NOW !!!!!!!
  8. And at a cost of $126,404.49 per Just a smidgen ridiculous
  9. Nope . . . knew all along but the majority refuses to open their eyes !!!
  10. As well as all the Foreign Aid that we distribute all over the world while we have homeless vets here on the streets . . . and so on . . . and so on . . . .
  11. India launched its new aircraft carrier last week, the 37,500-ton INS Vikrant. In response, a state-run Chinese newspaper called for more carriers in the People’s Liberation Army Navy fleet. Meanwhile, U.S. carriers—and the entire U.S. Navy—are struggling to meet fleet size requirements due to a chronically underfunded shipbuilding account and broader budget instability. However the golf trips and numerous vacations (on separate aircraft and to different locations ) are affordable, but not the cost of keeping our security/military strong and equipped . God Help us.
  12. twolincs

    Defund Obamacare Nationwide Survey

    Done ! Thanks for posting
  13. twolincs

    China's Big Silver Investing News

    Great post . . thank you

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