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  1. I am done with this topic of conversation. I have said what I have to say. Like I said the whole dang group will jump on one person who has a difference of opinion. Thanks for proving my point for me. I WILL NOT sit here and respond to each and every comment directed towards me on this thread bc I have a life outside of this screen and this investment! So you all may continue on if you like but I will not be responding to anything else related to my previous comments bc I stand by them and I wont spend the rest of my week defending myself to a bunch of crowd gang mentality having people.
  2. Well if you are not apart of any of the groups who the racism has been directed towards of course you wouldnt think that you have seen such. Many times people dont see whats right in front of them especially when it will never affect them directly or if it has or never will be directed towards them. Thats the power of privilege Half Crazy Runner! And I dont need a happy pill im just fine. What gets me is the fact that most people here are trump supporters and anytime anyone has a difference of opinion from this NORM on the site they get bashed and jumped on by EVERYONE ALL AT ONE TIME!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! But im unhappy for speaking up on this foolery? No I just chose to speak up on this hypocrisy and you all proved my right! Im surprised I havent gotten more name calling and degrading comments by not bc from past history that i have observed on this site thats what usually happens anytime anyone expresses a difference of opinion.
  3. DINARTHUG.. first of all I did not vote for Obama so keep your small minded assumptions to yourself! ALOT of you members are showing your slips and dont even realize it. your comments are very offensive many times! No matter how long you have been involved in anything thats no excuse to behave like an idiot! It is possible to disagree without name calling and backbiting but i guess that is too ADULT for alot of the members here!
  4. I have looked and been silent since I came to this site but I can't be silent any longer. Let me say first off I do not believe in a democratic or republican party because I think they are just two sides of the same coin. I said that to say this. Blueskyline why would this feed be locked and closed just because detroitto expressed his opinion. I have seen members call obama unnecessary names since I came to this site and one of the two or three times someone says something about trump theres a promblem. I keep my opinions to myself bc I was taught if i have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all but since being on this site i see not everyone was brought up with that belief. I see constant racial slurs and undertones on this site that go either unnoticed, unchallenged, or get the occasional egging to continue with such biggotry. If you dont like someones opinions fine keep your mean spirited comments to yourself. What scares me is the fact that so many people on this site claim that they cant wait for this blessing to get here so they can use the funds to make the world a better place. But then those same people turn around and make ignorant and racially fueled comments. seems kinda hypocritical. REMEMBER MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE STARTS WITH YOU AND YOUR MIND SET. If your mindset is to hate another because of whatever BS reasons you come up with that means you have no intentions on helping make the world a better place you just want to appease your own ego! OK RANT OVER!
  5. Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    I called the Wells Fargo exchange department today and the recording says that they do not sell Iraqi Dinar. After finally getting a live person on the phone she swore to me that the recording says that they do not buy or sell dinar. I informed her that it does not say that but that it only refers to wf not selling dinar. Needless to say she refused to check anything in her system because she "knows matter factly" that the recording states that they do not buy or sell dinar. Oh btw I listened to it twice and it the only thing it says its that they dont sell it. What to make of this?

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