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  1. Thats my point its not worth exchanging if you only have 1mill and are only gonna get 23000
  2. So 1 mill rial is 23800 from the calculation from the other thread.
  3. msdee

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Please please please people can we get back to the news... yes this is a social platform but its about the news... LETS GET BACK TO THE MONEY AND LEARN TO WRANGLE IN YOUR OPINIONS!!!!!! Yes you are entitled to your opinion but keep in mind not everyone will agree with you. So lets not lose sight of that. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR NEWS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!! So please lets get back to that!
  4. msdee

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Is there any new news on the dinar or the rial?
  5. msdee

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Does this mean anything? I see that the value has changed. For rial its now .000030
  6. I dont 2fast meant in two days i think what he is saying is that in the past two days they have done this.
  7. Why not just stick to the news section instead of the rumors section
  8. msdee

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Is this the review or is it already posted here?
  9. I thought the supplemental budget for 2019 and the 2020 budget were 2 different budgets.
  10. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Why aren't you guys all over this? Isnt this great news?
  11. msdee

    Go Iraq

    @BETTYBOOP My pendulum told me in 6 weeks 2 weeks ago... i think that lines up with you crystal balls 4weeks from today!
  12. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Thanks navira
  13. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Yes its illegal? Or yes its ok to purchase?
  14. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Totally unrelated but is it illegal to purchase the currency of a country under sanctions like iran? Or os it illegal to purchase iranian rial?
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