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  1. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Why aren't you guys all over this? Isnt this great news?
  2. msdee

    Go Iraq

    @BETTYBOOP My pendulum told me in 6 weeks 2 weeks ago... i think that lines up with you crystal balls 4weeks from today!
  3. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Thanks navira
  4. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Yes its illegal? Or yes its ok to purchase?
  5. msdee

    Go Iraq

    Totally unrelated but is it illegal to purchase the currency of a country under sanctions like iran? Or os it illegal to purchase iranian rial?
  6. I understand what you are saying... i asked a similar question about 2 weeks ago when someone posted the dinar on the forex with a link and no one coukd explain why it was showing there. The explanations were about the exchange rate but the question was is there any significance to it being there in the first place.
  7. Am i reading this correctly? Instead of growth by 2.8% it will grow by 8.3%?... what does this mean for us?
  8. Im still waiting for someone to respond to this topic as well bkeiller
  9. Rhonda i did not vote for trump but i also did not vote for obama either bc he had back door undercover policies that did not make it major media that i did not agree with like the fact that he signed an eo stating that monsato could not be sued by the consumers. Although someone just did it and won the suit but the judge denied payment of his suit... my point is i didn't and dont agree with either of them but i can guarantee you that if obama had done even a half a decimal point of a third of what trump has done the so called "NON RACIST PEOPLE" who only care about america being great again would have lynched him on a cross. Or even hung him just like cindy hyde Smith condoned. I CAN GUARANTEE IT!
  10. msdee

    Go Iraq

    What does this mean?
  11. msdee

    Go Iraq

    This might be a dumb question but what is an international cross order? On isx it says something about a bank to execute an international cross order today.
  12. How is alek even relevant in this situation? He wasnt even over the cbi when this happened. Yes it may be an excuse to get rid of him but to say he should be ousted bc of something that happened before his time is ridiculous. Thats just like saying im a sandwich artist at subway and the day shift burnt all the bread and when i get to work on the evening shift they fire me bc the dayshift burnt the bread.
  13. Is anyone going to translate this?
  14. I completely 100% agree with you but I have noticed many people on here refuse to look through the veil of deceit to see that all presidents have been nothing more than puppets including our current one as well as the last one before him and the one before that. There is always an objective connected to money when something like this happens. If Americans were so darn Christian and against the oppression of all people we wouldn't be doing in our own country TODAY! If Americans were so concerned with what's right they would be fighting for the slave trade that has been taking place in Lybia for the past year.. but I usually keep my mouth closed on here bc I've noticed this group is full of closed minds and anytime anyone says anything contrary to their collective beliefs they jump on you like a dog in heat! Then I would have to spend the rest of my weekend replying to 30 people who want to keep replying nonstop and then get offended when you stop taking part in that chaos... ok rant over! Good post!
  15. I am done with this topic of conversation. I have said what I have to say. Like I said the whole dang group will jump on one person who has a difference of opinion. Thanks for proving my point for me. I WILL NOT sit here and respond to each and every comment directed towards me on this thread bc I have a life outside of this screen and this investment! So you all may continue on if you like but I will not be responding to anything else related to my previous comments bc I stand by them and I wont spend the rest of my week defending myself to a bunch of crowd gang mentality having people.
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