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  1. Do you know how many new years that have passed that I have hoped it would RV and give me a great start to a new year? Well a lot
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    I was the only one who posted a question on the chat where they asked, does any body have questions for Adams next chat. Which was for this chat. But I noticed it wasn't answered. Did I do something wrong on how my question was posted?
  3. I have to agree with you on what you have said here, ( your we're almost there must be a new version of SOON )
  4. Questions For Adam's Update 11-29-2017

    Adam, Do you have any updates from your contacts about what is going on with the dinar? Or do you have any thoughts on any of the articles being posted on the dinar, that has been posted on the dinar vets website? Any kind of update from you would be appreciated Thank you Bakken
  5. CBI News 11/21/2017

    Botswana. I have 5 negs on that post and 4 positives, I don't know where you get a ton of negatives
  6. CBI News 11/21/2017

    It seems as though everyone is giving me negative rating in this. I hope I didn't hurt any feelings. But you have to admit we have been hearing ( we are getting closer ) for the last 7 plus years. Well yup we are always getting closer 1 day at a time but as long as the Iraqis don't do anything we won't see anything. So if you are hurt by this I am sorry for not sugar coating it
  7. Don't read into things, they party like it's 1999 . It is just another chance for them not to get anything done.
  8. CBI News 11/21/2017

    Nope, neither am I . Sorry to be a Debbie downer / Bobby buzz kill I don't think this is going to happen. Constantly getting good news out of Iraq but those people have to pull their heads out and do something
  9. CBI News 11/20/2018

    Print more currency so they can sell more.
  10. Questions For Adam's Update 11-22-2017

    Adam, instead of pushing a plug for VIP this week. Do you think you could fill us in with what your contacts are telling you about the dinar? Or could you get into some of the news we are hearing out there about the dinar? I respect your input on the news out there about the dinar. I know this shows me as a newbie but I have been invested in the dinar since 2005 and have been following Dinar Vets since 2010 I was under firefighter_218546 but forgot my login info so started new again Thank you Bakken
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    Go Vikings is right. Oh ya go RV too
  12. November or December 2017 would work for me. That way I could buy a few super bowl tickets, so I can watch the Vikings play in the super bowl in their new stadium. There is some wishful thinking going on here so I thought I might join in
  13. Revalue the dinar and he would have my vote for second term
  14. I worked as a fire fighter on the rigs very boring then went to a rental company and spent 6 yrs with them
  15. Floridian, if this does happen I owe you some drinks. Drinks will be on me.

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