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  1. It's later, just wondering how long till we get a update on the questions
  2. Since I have been reading your VIP off a friends account, I don't see myself ever joining VIP. I figure I will pay my taxes and stay in the United States. With that being said will you still send us non VIP people a email when this goes thru? I am sure my friend who is in VIP will tell me so asking for others. The reason for not buying into VIP hype is I don't have the money to. I figure I have enough money invested into this speculation.
  3. Sales go down and sales go up. I don't think we have anything to get excited about or anything to worry about. Like I said sales go up and down, up and down all the time.
  4. Peace1221,,,,, I bought my dinar June 2005, when you ask are we closer. Yes we are everyday we get 1 day closer. I just think that at the rate we are going it's one day closer to leaving my dinar to the grandkids in my will. I have a feeling they might have to will it to their kids too.
  5. I have had one of those overly ANXIOUSLY moments. Yup I have read all the good news out there and then a swift kick to the sack because we are still in the same boat. Well now I read the good news and say to myself ( heard it before don't get excited. ) The only excitement I will have on this ever again is whenough I get to cash in. I will not even get excited when Adam says this might be your last chance to join VIP because that is his thing to get members.
  6. Do you know how many new years that have passed that I have hoped it would RV and give me a great start to a new year? Well a lot
  7. I was the only one who posted a question on the chat where they asked, does any body have questions for Adams next chat. Which was for this chat. But I noticed it wasn't answered. Did I do something wrong on how my question was posted?
  8. I have to agree with you on what you have said here, ( your we're almost there must be a new version of SOON )
  9. Adam, Do you have any updates from your contacts about what is going on with the dinar? Or do you have any thoughts on any of the articles being posted on the dinar, that has been posted on the dinar vets website? Any kind of update from you would be appreciated Thank you Bakken
  10. Botswana. I have 5 negs on that post and 4 positives, I don't know where you get a ton of negatives
  11. It seems as though everyone is giving me negative rating in this. I hope I didn't hurt any feelings. But you have to admit we have been hearing ( we are getting closer ) for the last 7 plus years. Well yup we are always getting closer 1 day at a time but as long as the Iraqis don't do anything we won't see anything. So if you are hurt by this I am sorry for not sugar coating it
  12. Don't read into things, they party like it's 1999 . It is just another chance for them not to get anything done.
  13. Nope, neither am I . Sorry to be a Debbie downer / Bobby buzz kill I don't think this is going to happen. Constantly getting good news out of Iraq but those people have to pull their heads out and do something
  14. Print more currency so they can sell more.
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