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  1. Red dot.....Head shot. blinded him with silence.
  2. A strong Dinar. ....I would say, all of the support that would offer the Iraqi people.
  3. Overcome....with a vengeance in liberating Mosul.
  4. Myself. ...and all of DV members. Peace and Blessings to all, while living a prosperous life.
  5. Excellent news...DWS Baghdadi arrested - it's time to pay the piper.
  6. A cruise. ....I'm in.
  7. Bring in the money. .. Bring in the money. ..daaaaa dadadaaaaaa da da daaaaa da da
  8. Exactly. the question.
  9. I'm with you. ...SnowGlobe 7
  10. Restore national oil company. ...I like the sound of that.