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  1. MisterNope

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    Where does the money come from? FROM IRAQ. Which is why no one will be a billionaire overnight. Just NOT gonna happen. If we get a DIME for a dinar with the BILLS WE HOLD NOW, take the money and run. You're only gonna get 3 bucks per dinar with the new lower denoms. At most we're gonna triple our money with these bills. The real money will be made on margin trading the dinar when it comes out at 86 cents or a dollar. It should float from there. However if it comes out on PAR with the Kuwaiti dinar, then it will remain stable with not much movement. There you have it..... the LOPSTER TANK PARTY LINE!
  2. MisterNope

    4 day holiday request

    This IS the tank. I've been banished to here cuz I'm not towing this website's party line but have never touted LOP. Something wrong with shooting down every bit of hype and backing with facts, apparently. Well they're getting a load of Mountain Goat right now so HA.
  3. MisterNope

    Call for FX reform !

    Hi everyone, Well it looks like I've been banished to the LOPster tank even though I don't deserve it. I know something will happen, just not anytime soon like everyone's been pumping for years. Anyway, along the same side of FOREX is cybercurrencies or cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, which are also traded online. Someone posted in the rumors area about IQD being a cyber or crypto currency on offer. BE AWARE THIS IS NOT RELATED TO THE BANK OF IRAQ AT ALL. Anyone can come up with a currency name and have it listed. There are over 800 available right now. There is also Shilling, Dinar, Potcoin, whatever anyone wants to name it, and the key is to market the marketability. Bunnycoin, Mousecoin, whatever interesting thing coin you want...... So again, don't fall for the hype or ANY speculation that someone might post regarding this. On the flipside, buy a little and join the ride for the pump n dump! HAHA.
  4. MisterNope

    How To Correctly Cook Lopster

    Baste in Lower Denom Sauce and sprinkle with .86 cents on the FOREX debut.
  5. MisterNope

    The next 6 months ?

    Nothing will happen this year OR NEXT due to: Iraq is still taking IMF loans and can't stand by itself. Kurdish question unresolved. ISIS still holds parts of Iraq. UN has forces in country for humanitarian efforts. Major cities are still in ruins. Reconstruction STILL hasn't begun -- foreign labor will have to be imported and how will they be paid? CORRUPTION! ARRESTS! CONFUSION! WALK-OUTS! HOLIDAYS! EXCUSES! FALSE INFORMATION!
  6. MisterNope

    US Fed Reserve Now Under China Control?

    I stopped reading at Byington. What a lying c__t.
  7. MisterNope

    Delta: Now Everyone In Iraq Is Expecting This.

    Purchasing power....... dancing in the streets..... ZZZZZZzzzzzz
  8. MisterNope

    Delta's wife's aunt in Canada heard this on Iraqi TV

    Frank n Delta are a pair of fast-talkin' shucksters. Ever hear one of their calls near a decade ago? So this story should be aired again whereby SOMEONE should tape it, right? NOPE! They were too hypnotized by the very WORDS OF GOSPEL. Right?
  9. MisterNope

    RayRat Has A New Date.

    Yeah man the exchange center is gonna be behind the Fry's Electronics off 17 in Phoenix, and arrive at 1pm SHARP.
  10. MisterNope

    We Are Ready To Get A Taste Of This.

    "Dancing in the streets" CLLLAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSIIIIIIIIIC!! I think that's my favorite pumper line of all time. Oh and this one's combined with another magic one, "bank holiday." Yep well we got one too but ours are real. THERE ARE NO NEW NOTES. Otherwise we'd know what they look like right now and there would be a new rate.
  11. MisterNope

    KTFA Alert...Total Blackout In Iraq Until 10 Sep.

    If you neg me just for saying SOMETHING, just to watch my red number increase, you're a crappy human being. I believe many of the things I say are real, true, and grounded. Thanks for the morale boost, Boston. I've always been a boat-rocker, and I'm not really hurt by this.
  12. MisterNope

    RV...Tman23 Looking To 2018.

    ^^^^ Which is NOT NOW.
  13. MisterNope

    KTFA Alert...Total Blackout In Iraq Until 10 Sep.

    It has become apparent that AGAIN I am being purposefully targeted for NEGS no matter what I say. I just watched while my number increased 5 in 3 minutes. Ad Hominem attacks are weak and you're a crappy human being.

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