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    Traveling, Horseback, Fishing, Going to Football & Baseball games, Doing fun things I was never allowed to do when I was married, Loving not having to answer to anyone, Putting on BBQ parties for Great friends, Mostly of all spending time with my son and his family in Sedona.

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  1. Starrider

    Silly Smiles

  2. Yes I gave you a cup to fill. Starr
  3. This is for the NEGGERATOR Starr
  4. Starrider

    Real names of players in dinar space

    Here this is for you Starr
  5. That's ok I'm a big girl I been through alot worse. But thank you for your honesty +1 from me Starr
  6. I think the NEGGERATOR is a unhappy miserable person and the type that you just can't make happy no matter how hard you try to please . Starr
  7. I gave you the CUP to equal you out from the NEGGERATOR
  8. Got a start somewhere, So starting now is as good as now. Starr
  9. Starrider

    Prayers for Flash101

    Flash101 will be getting out of the Hospital again tomorrow, He's determined to walk his Daughter down the aisle this Saturday with out a crutch or cane. He had problems with his L2 nerve after his surgery months ago that left his left leg nonfunctional (numb). So I ask for your help in prayers to help him heel enough to get thru this Saturday and beyond. Thank you all. Starr
  10. Starrider

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    So a new version of pork chops are coming out or lamb ribs or pilamb bacon lol Starr
  11. Starrider

    Nancy Pelosi

    You go girl friend don't stop now I gave you the cup so fill it lol. Starr
  12. More like a rerun Starr
  13. I'll take it Starr

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