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  1. 100 people not showing up for parlament should be served paperwork for corruption like the rest of the thrives.
  2. Delete Zeros Priority !

    I hope they are taking the zeroes off the rate and not the dinar. Just saying
  3. Oil,gold,natural gas? Nothing to export? KAP should really study his investment a little better.
  4. This is one way to flush out the chunky money. And help to end the multi currency practice
  5. That's why they would never sign off on the hcl because they knew Baghdad would investigate
  6. The finger pointing begins. I just hope they seize all assets of the Barzani's liquidate them if necessary and distribute them fairly to all Iraqis. Or use the funds in a way to strengthen iraq in general.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    That almost sounds like a date prediction
  8. From the sounds of this. It looks like the UN has to give there blessing on this plan and Iraq is free from chapter 7. Which means it could be a interesting next few weeks before September or months left this year
  9. Hmm the gcc countries lowest currency is .27 cents to the dollar a great start for the dinar.
  10. If I remember the UN has to allow them into chapter 8. Abadi was talking about this removal from chapter 7. Which was supposed to happen around the end of June

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