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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    That almost sounds like a date prediction
  2. From the sounds of this. It looks like the UN has to give there blessing on this plan and Iraq is free from chapter 7. Which means it could be a interesting next few weeks before September or months left this year
  3. Hmm the gcc countries lowest currency is .27 cents to the dollar a great start for the dinar.
  4. If I remember the UN has to allow them into chapter 8. Abadi was talking about this removal from chapter 7. Which was supposed to happen around the end of June
  5. Sounds like Iraq is in full international mode. Hopefully the Dinar follows suit!!!
  6. 5-day vacation by force in Iraq

    In all the years I been in this investment there has never been a holiday like this except for Ramadan. This holiday literally just appeared. Here is to great opportunities for everyone here
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 4-19-2017

    Are you feeling Buzzy yet?
  8. Questions For Adam's Update 4-19-2017

    Do you have a "hot" time frame?

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