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  1. invested for 6 years and the value stays the same 1/10 of a cent-- right now i would like a one cent RV. what say you ?
  2. i used to work on the north slope caribou would sleep underneath the elevated production facilities --they don't care about drilling or anything :
  3. I have not figured out why some people live on various Dinar Sites all day long ? granted, we all want to get rich quick--I would hope for even a 10 cent RV
  4. surprised that they even knew what it was or exchange it :shrug:
  5. and Thug--why do you live on dinar sites all day long ?
  6. ZAP...Lots Of RV Intel...I Cannot tell You.

    Luigi--why do you live on dinar sites all day long ? I suspect some kind of a mental illness
  7. I am too old and computer dumb to worry about blue lines
  8. 4 years in this investment and not even a 1 cent RV ; same old 1166 rate ; now the worst news is that Iraq owes 19 billion to the oil producing companies ; not bailing out of course---just frustrated--and tired
  9. Stryker ? Tlar ?

    probably un-gagged and then re-gagged
  10. Banks not cashing Dinar do to counterfeit bills

    I bought mine from dinar trade and they went thru a delarue machine with a certification certificate : with that particular machines i.d. number
  11. granted, Iraq has a lot of oil and potential wealth : but they are a backwards--nutcase country : i will feel lucky to get back my original investment
  12. Iraq is nearly bankrupt ; one article in the oil and gas journal said they owed 19 billion to various oil producers ; how ?--falling oil prices
  13. where is the link or proof that C.B.I. said this ?
  14. great news -" Iraq is suffering from a financial crisis " no RV tomorrow i guess--hopefully next week

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