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  1. If this is legit and manages to gather pace then this is possibly what Abadi has been waiting for! International team stands a better chance of actually getting the result we are all wishing for!!! Fingers crossed!!
  2. Please let it be Maliki.
  3. Abadi and his team must be reading these articles and reports....what does Maliki have on them that allows him to behave this way without fear of retribution. This cancer needs to be cut out at the root asap.
  4. If I was Abadi there is no way I would allow my VP to talk like this. Maliki should not be allowed to threaten anybody, he is not the voice of new Iraq. Maliki need to be silenced once and for all!!!
  5. Hopefully Maliki will get his butt handed to him by Trump. Mr Teflon needs to be 'ended' once and for all, and SOON!!!
  6. Ha Ha! fnbplanet!! perhaps 'Mr Teflon' is finally going to get his comeuppance??? Fingers crossed.
  7. What more can this guy get away with? surely this is the final straw? Come on Abadi, now is the time to lock this down once and for all. Take the necessary action NOW!!
  8. mmmh not looking like Iraq is gonna get what we were hoping for??? Hopefully Adam will have a clearer understanding and give us an update later today? Fingers crossed.
  9. The 'sudden and tragic death' (sarcasm) of Maliki has to be part of all the major news over the next couple of weeks to allow all these planets to align. While he is breathing he is working his evil. I am sure Abadi would prefer to deal with Maliki legally and in a civilised manner, I am just not sure Abadi has enough time for that approach to work. Iraq and its people need this self serving cockroach yesterday.
  10. Agreed Wiljor, lots of really positive stuff happening at the moment, but, i can't really see an RV happening with Maliki still free to feck everything up! Now if all this good stuff was happening and suddenly (like tomorrow) Maliki was to be arrested for war crimes and crimes against the Iraqi people ....add the complete liberation of Mosel, Trump visiting, UN gets its finger out and ISIS out of that would be the perfect storm!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  11. Wouldn't that be beautifully ironic if only Maliki was killed by a final ISIS suicide bomber while he made a symbolic visit to Mosel. Could this be Abadis plan to have the rabid animal Maliki nurtured be his actual end? Beautiful!!!
  12. I understand 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' until Abadi can deal with Maliki once and for all, but, putting him in charge of this? in Mosel? after all this effort to clear ISIS out??? There seems to be so many obvious things Maliki could be jailed / hung for....what are we not understanding from our position outside Iraq that keeps this man walking free? Come on Abadi you are doing a great job!!! but slap the chains on Maliki before he manages to screw up all this progress!!
  13. This seems like really fantastic news. Would be great to get Adams view on this.
  14. If i am reading the CBI page link below properly these 500's had the double O's from 2013?? Column headed up 'Obverse Modernized Notes of 2013' Wanting this as bad as everybody else but am i missing something???
  15. Was the 250 and 500 always on this page?