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  1. Hi jb4388, I don't have an Iraqi bank account, I just sent any payments from my HSBC account to Hasan at Aljazera. Everything has worked very smoothly so far. Cheers, Scott
  2. See this sort of news is huge if it's actually true! I so hope it is and that Maliki is #1 on that list.... So much good news and progress happening over the last weeks. Keep pushing Abadi!
  3. What you said Laid Back!!....all of this good news, new policy, CBI requesting a 3 day holiday AND Maliki being arrested tomorrow would get me super excited!!!! What a combo!!! The moment i hear Maliki has been officially arrested and detained i fear a little bit of poo might shoot out!!!
  4. I really want to get excited about all the positive news articles coming out at the moment, its real proper progress, but, my head says until we see Maliki either dead or banged up good we can't have our RV. There has to be a reason he is still free or alive.....but for the life of me I don't know why. Come on Abadi....clear the way....sort him out once and for all!! Then open the taps!!! Go RV!
  5. Hi cjh, I received the same form and asked for confirmation from Hasan. Hasan usually replies within 24 hours so i am expecting a reply soon. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. Cheers, Scott
  6. I believe the average Mall / Bank ATM holds 10-12,000 bills.
  7. Come on Interpol arrest this asshat when he tries to leave Russia / reenter Iraq!!!
  8. Abadi must have a legitimate plan in action to deal with him, or....the final solution will involve an unfortunate 'accident' this week when he visits Russia?? I prefer the later.
  9. Electric blue suits seem to be de rigueur in Iraq at moment!!
  10. Nice to see the MasterCard signs!!! Cummon guys one big push!!!
  11. That picture of the new building looks like an architects mock up or render of the proposed design. Knowing Iraqi they will still be talking about starting!! I really hope I am wrong!!!
  12. Same for me....main page is up, but there is a message saying currency web service is down.
  13. CBI needs to make the change asap....Talk like this will open the flood gates for potentially large speculative Dinar purchases...I doubt this is what the CBI would want. They need to get a wiggle on!!! Go RV!!!