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  1. Somebody needs to knock their heads together!! They are determined to ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. FFS!!!
  2. The crooks are being rattled and they won't like it. I really hope Abadi has the best bodyguards and family protection money can buy. Until Maliki and all Iranian influenced bellends are rounded up and dealt with he is in a hugely vulnerable position. You are doing a great job!!! Go Abadi GO!!!
  3. I am hoping this is part of the final total confusion to throw the world off the scent. I think Adam said at one point there would be a phase of complete contradiction before we finally go go go!! This plus the positive stuff recently may just constitute this phase?? Just DO something!!! Fingers crossed!!! Go RV!

    Thanks Botzwana!!!

    Thats a damn fine question climber7....i am just back and wondering the same!! Can anybody throw some light on it?? Cheers, S
  6. mmmh....something about the box makes me suspect this video...does not look like the way a bank would box up / deliver physical cash. Even if you were pretending to make payment. I thought they were electronic now? Very strange....
  7. Questions For Adam's Update 9-20-2017

    Hi Adam, Loving your work !! Is this as good as it sounds??? 'Haydar Abadi: oil for all Iraqis, all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis. ' I really do feel we are getting so close to some sort of major change.
  8. This sounds really, REALLY good!!! Go Abadi! Go massive announcements! Go RV!!
  9. That statement is just too good to be true!!!! I have everything crossed at the moment!! Go RV!!!!
  10. Exactly....early 2018 could be a fantastic time!!
  11. Loving your thought process Laid Back....where do you think clearing out the final remnants of ISIS in Iraq, kicking the Iranian Militia out of Iraq and arresting Maliki and all his asset seized fits in? Before or after your list above? I feel we are real close!!
  12. I think you are right Laid Back. During this time they can also housekeep the crap out of the remaining ISIS in country. Fingers crossed!! Go RV.
  13. Totally agree Laid Back...this sets a great precedent!! Imagine the boost to the Iraqi coffers if Maliki is finally brought to justice!! I have to believe that Abadi is getting his ducks in a row regarding dropping the hammer on Maliki. Cant be far away now. Keeping the faith.
  14. Nice to see Disney and Marvel taking units in this Mall!! Hope they are the real companies not knock offs!!

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