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  1. Wouldn't that be beautifully ironic if only Maliki was killed by a final ISIS suicide bomber while he made a symbolic visit to Mosel. Could this be Abadis plan to have the rabid animal Maliki nurtured be his actual end? Beautiful!!!
  2. I understand 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' until Abadi can deal with Maliki once and for all, but, putting him in charge of this? in Mosel? after all this effort to clear ISIS out??? There seems to be so many obvious things Maliki could be jailed / hung for....what are we not understanding from our position outside Iraq that keeps this man walking free? Come on Abadi you are doing a great job!!! but slap the chains on Maliki before he manages to screw up all this progress!!
  3. This seems like really fantastic news. Would be great to get Adams view on this.
  4. If i am reading the CBI page link below properly these 500's had the double O's from 2013?? Column headed up 'Obverse Modernized Notes of 2013' Wanting this as bad as everybody else but am i missing something???
  5. Was the 250 and 500 always on this page?
  6. Got both. Many thanks Adam. Go RV!!!
  7. Why would they give a heads up on this huge increase? I really want this to RV and big, but i can't see them working this way. If they want to remove as much dinar from general circulation before an RV then this broadcast would have the opposite effect? Confused!!
  8. Interesting article on holidays in Iraq. 100 public holidays a year!!
  9. Whoa!!! Cant wait to buy into index-tracker funds based on the ISX!!!
  10. Thanks for the reminder TrinityeXchange.
  11. Eh???....I live in Hong Kong and it will be no surprise to you all that we are not cashing out!!!
  12. ya Sandyf....that helps me understand, many thanks. I knew someone out there would know the answer. Cheers, S
  13. Does anybody have any idea what is likely to happen to share prices and the number of shares offered by a company on the ISX after any RV?? Many existing ISX companies have billions of shares out there at a couple of Dinar each…. If, hypothetically, it RV’s at 1:1, these companies would almost automatically become the most valuable in the world…. there has to be some ISX adjustment at RV time? Any ideas what could happen? Cheers, S
  14. Hi Rum, I find this site useful; You can sign up and create a watch list etc... All the best, S
  15. Hi Sourpuss, This is really exciting news!! Re Zain Iraq, they have not IPO'd yet on the ISX so nobody can purchase shares in them. I believe that its due to happen 'soon' (this year)!!! BDSI is the Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank, I am sure I read something somewhere saying that they would be the bank involved in Zain Iraqs IPO when it happens. All this could be a nice little earner for BDSI. Perhaps Trinity can confirm? All the best, S