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  1. Scott McD


    Wrote to him on the 6th April this year and he replied on the 14th....eight days later. Cheers, S
  2. Scott McD


    Just to let you guys know I emailed Hasan at Aljazera on the 6th April asking for an up to date account statement and he replied in full on the 14th. He is a top bloke!! Cheers, S
  3. Scott McD

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Interesting news this morning NEPatriotsFan1! Hopefully news of exchange soon!
  4. Its a poppy, its a sign of remembrance and to commemorate servicemen and women killed in all conflicts.
  5. I am trying not to get too carried away with all this good news Laid Back!! But these planets seem to be getting in alignment for something big!! Keeping everything crossed!! Go RV!
  6. Scott McD

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Exactly!! Hopefully sometime soon. I can't wait!!!
  7. Scott McD

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Good luck with that !! But I hear ya!! :-)
  8. Scott McD

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Great minds think alike NEPatriotsFan1!! I have a small chunk of these as well....I must admit I was attracted to these because of the McAfee backing!! Hope we are right!! In the meantime Go RV!!! :-)
  9. True enough Yota. Whatever works for them to get this done!!
  10. Again warning people of their plans rather than taking action first!! Get a grip Iraq!! Go RV!
  11. Go Abadi!!! How about a third option just for Maliki? Give back all you stole, beg for forgiveness and then we hang you anyway?? Go Iraq!! Go RV!!
  12. I am keeping everything crossed for Jan 2018!! It is looking good. Abadi has been tweeting like a crazy thing this last hour!! GoRV!!
  13. Heres a thought Iraq....why don't you just get on with it without warning people? Then when you actually catch the criminals and corrupt you can bang on about how you did it!! There must be something in the psyche or make up of these guys that compels them to warn their targets ahead of any action...I really don't get it, what is the reason Iraq? GoRV!!!

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