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  1. NEVILL071452

    1.2 : $1 IS NOT anything new!

    If u look at today's statement on U will see; see what my attached file shows. Just hold ur horses, the RV ( or similar ) is coming. IND.pdf
  2. Where is the weekly update for 06.01.2016 ?
  3. NEVILL071452

    Adam Montana bi-Weekly 2 June 2015

    Tico Hello Adam, as a platinum member I will always recommend others that read your posts to seriously consider the benefits of becoming one. I rarely write folks but I do read Adams posts and sometimes reread them. Now off to my questions. Adam, I know of one Central American country that uses currency made by Thomas de La Rue. Is there any other countries in Latin America (Central or South) that has their currency printed by Thomas de La Rue? My thought process about a Latin American country having their currency printed by Thomas de La Rue is that they will in fact have the machines in place to authenticate or can authenticate Iraqi Dinar. Is that a correct assessment? Thanks Adam for all that you do.Tico Problem is that not all DeLaRue machines r set to scan dinars for counterfitting. An older model is De La Rue 8625, and Banks r equiped with counting curencies, not scaning. I understand that some new EV86-Series r also checking for counterfitting. So u will have to specificly ask the bank if they have such equipment. I aquired some older DeLaRue machines, and only Model#8625 will scan the UV mark.
  4. NEVILL071452

    Adam Montana weekly and then some. October 8 2014

    O boy, o boy. U r a Cheesehead. But I'm glad u r a healthy one, not rotten or mt. Very wise and powerful statement. Go Adam, go.
  5. NEVILL071452


    Moose,me like it.
  6. patient or u buying or selling?
  7. I'm in Phoenix, looking to buy 5 or 6 mill.
  8. NEVILL071452


    "I am just worried that I am trusting someone with a lot of my money that I don't have a clue who he is" Hei, what money r u talking about? Adam never ask me 4 any money. I keep my money with me. I joined the DV VIP ( 4 a fee ), and I get a lot of info's 4 the price. All the info's and help with OSI would cost u 4 or 5 times if u were to do it on ur own. U dude r sound like my wife. And u know what, becouse of my wife, I don't need GOOGLE. MY WIFE KNOWS AVERYTHING. U dont like or trust Adam Montana, hei: it's a free country. That's the reason I'm here. Read more:
  9. Hei, pleiadian. Here is the link in VIP section: Hope this is what u r looking 4.
  10. NEVILL071452

    Size of bills different?

    Only in US all dollar bills r same size.
  11. NEVILL071452

    Questions For Adam's Chat 2-19-2014

    I have completed my gifting letter in 2013. Do I claim that any were on my 2013 TAX RETURN? T'x 4 all the good, hard work in our behalf.
  12. NEVILL071452

    Adam Montana weekly - November 26. GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!!

    ADAM: Happy Thanksgiving to you, all the members on UR staff and family. INFORMATIVE and wonderful site you put together. To all of our military personnel and their families: T’x. PS: CBI has BRANCH OFFICE IN DUBAI and ROMANIA, so doors for INCOUNTRY RV are not entirely LOCKED.
  13. NEVILL071452

    Where is Adam's update today, 11/20/13??

  14. Good analysis and conclusion. It makes sense How much do U think will cast, if it take us 200mill just to build a WEB site. U know what I mean.

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