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  1. Less than a nickel exchange fee for a hundred dollar bill. Can't buy much with a nickel any more...
  2. Good to see there is not a fee tacked on to the 1190 rate. Banks are being forced to make profits by making loans. Nothing to see here no one needs to pay attention to the rate move along. 😁
  3. Hourly weekly monthly annually? They only work half the year so I'm guessing they are paid a salary...
  4. So khamis means Thursday but what is the symbolic significance of adding dagger to the end of it?
  5. Why do these notes show different countries at the bottom of each card?
  6. They need liquidity in the market so there are no lag times in transactions. Always someone buying or selling so if the bank provides the cash for the transactions they will be instant when needed so that a buyer or seller would not have to wait for the market in case of too many one way transactions.
  7. FXStockpiling

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    So when I used to trade in the forex market I would trade any currency pairs that were legal to trade electronically but the first step to do so was I had to convert my electronic USD into electronic gold so that the electronic transactions could convert to any currency and the trade would take place instantly. So I'm guessing that by them being able to use their cards internationally that they are basically doing the same thing through the card. If you are buying from Amazon in the EU it is transferring your IQD into gold then to Euro's and so on depending on the Amazon platform you are shopping with. Also I believe this is important for security as when the revaluation takes place no one will be caught in the street pushing a wheelbarrow of cash to buy some chicken and chips...
  8. FXStockpiling

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    If Shabbs thought it was a good idea then. It must be a great idea now.
  9. FXStockpiling

    CBI News 06/13/2018

    Eid al-Fitr last day of Ramadan
  10. Won't be able to buy much fried chicken and French fries over there anymore. Now they finally will have a reason to hit that big red button! RV = more KFC. Getter done 🐔🍟🍗
  11. Just keep hearing all these great things followed by nothing happens during Ramadan...

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