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  1. Glitches get stitches....GO RV!!!!!!
  2. Go RV! It looks like the ships are at sea.......hahahha
  3. I think Luigi is smarter then that! GO RV!!!!
  4. Davis no doubt we have!
  5. Does keepemwalkinfunny still post here?
  6. Can you post the link again I would love to see it. Thanks
  7. 1lucdog thanks for directing us to that post! That is the post of the whole site! God Bless and GO RV!
  8. This is the best topic on here! I hope it keeps going. Thanks for all for all the research I ran out of +^ on this thread. GO RV and most importantly GOD BLESS!
  9. Thanks Dr.J!!! GO RV!!!!!
  10. I have a question about this a little off topic. I understand in the beginning people pumping and maybe getting kickbacks by throwing dates and its happening this week or today etc. I am sure a bunch of people got on the train and spent money to buy more. My question is SOOOO many years into this, is this still happening? Or is this just going on for the "fame" people wanting to be looked at like being important etc. Or maybe there are people that are still spending every $ on more dinars. I haven't purchased anymore in years. I don't have many compared to others I know but I do know if it goes up .10-$1.00 I will be bill free to a long time! Luigi I know you are just the messenger! What about you all, are you still buying dinars?
  11. My only question is are the ships out to sea? LOL GO RV!!!!
  12. I would really like to cash these in before WW III starts and go RV!!!! I'm ready for some summertime bills to be paid! If its .83 I'm 95% OUTTTTT!
  13. Yeah I thought they were also
  14. Interesting, I would like to hear other opinions on this. GO RV!!!!!