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  1. The Rat...It Went...Then It Stopped...Another Glitch.

    Those damn glitches... Go RV!!!!!
  2. Inventory Your IQD NOW...OOM Issues RV Alert.

    I know this is a rumor section but PLEASE don't put anything Okie says. Please for the love of God! Luigi even you should know better then that! Anyways. Go RV!!!!
  3. rumor I heard

    Rico1 just saw your location, if I was you I would be getting out of Dodge!!!!!! GO RV!!!!
  4. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    11-1 that is great! Plus the old bank screen I haven't heard a bank screen story in a long while! GO RV!!!!! 11-1 that is incredible! LOL
  5. LD Issued To Banks.

    This is such great exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RV!!!!!!!!!! I just turned my notice in! Everybody the ships are no longer at sea they are port side!
  6. Yeah FLaguy passed away I always liked listening to what he had to say and Stryker was brought up any news on him and what about Phoenix?
  7. New CBI Announcement 07/26/2017

    So....what does John Wayne ""Whoa, take 'er easy there, Pilgrim." have to do with Dinars? lol GO RV!!!!!

    So the glitch has been fixed? lol GO RV!!!!
  9. RV Go 5 Times Yesterday...Glitches Blamed.

    LOL I have no clue...I think Luigi knows lol
  10. RV Go 5 Times Yesterday...Glitches Blamed.

    Currently the only place to exchange is in CA
  11. RV Go 5 Times Yesterday...Glitches Blamed.

    Glitches get stitches....GO RV!!!!!!
  12. CBI Worth 3x More Than Was Previously Estimated.

    Go RV! It looks like the ships are at sea.......hahahha

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