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  1. Unfortunately I can see Obummer making sure there's such chaos in America next year this time that he will try surpassing the 22nd Amendment and run for a 3rd term. He's already said (rumor) that he wanted to run back in May of 2014. Personally I'd like to see Walker.
  2. Mat. 18:19-20 is a powerful word from God and with us agreeing with desimo I believe what the word of God says regarding this matter....... It's Done. Praying and agreeing with you. Be Blessed
  3. I must have missed something, I thought they were supposed to be reading the 2nd draft of law today?????? Hopefully more smoke & mirrors.
  4. Thanks for all you do Adam and Sara. Please verify me also, packed and waiting to go to B.
  5. Good humor, you deserve a + just for the laugh.
  6. 134,567,000