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  1. markb57

    D.V. lottery pool for 5/22--5/23 2018

    MM 5/22 15 27 32 59 63 mb10 PB 5/23 06 26 49 56 57 pb15
  2. stay off my fence or i'll shoot.....seems pretty clear. God Bless Israel!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. as long as the Iraqi economy is supported and maintained by other countries instead of their own, they don't need a viable currency and can maintain status quo with an in-country toilet paper currency. They have managed to maintain this now since 2003 and seem to get along just fine.
  4. If Sadr is keeping out Iranian influence in the new govt, how does Maliki fit in? Seems that he still has allot of power...?
  5. what with Ramadan, forming a new govt., yada yada yada.....we're probably still looking at 2019. I hope I'm wrong......
  6. I figured if it didn't happen before elections, it would be 2019 at best
  7. markb57

    D.V. lottery games for 5/15--5/16 2018

    5/15 MM 16 30 34 52 64 mb11 5/16 PB 14 16 41 51 64 pb11
  8. Sadr still wants to live in the 7th century. He is wrong. Google earth Palastine. It does not exist!
  9. If Sadr wins, he'll order the US out of Iraq within 48 hrs. Watch and see.....
  10. AT&T is just trying to save face. They are one of the worst companies in the world.
  11. these numbers are somewhat skewed. Federal employees, job for job, compared to private sector pays allot more and their pensions reflect that.
  12. McCain..........he ain't dead yet????????
  13. MM 5/11 18 20 24 29 45 mb18 PB 5/12 29 35 45 60 62 pb02

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