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  1. D.V. lottery games 1/19--1/20 2018

    1/19 MM 32 35 42 66 69 mb06 1/20 PB 23 26 32 34 61 pb10
  2. d.v. lottery pools 1/16---1/17

    missed it. Good Luck! anyone got a spare number?
  3. I think these are just check cards from MC, not credit cards. from above: The bank's information office said in a statement to the News Agency that the MasterCard International was issued at branches in Amman and Abu Dhabi for Iraqis residing there to receive their financial dues.
  4. They are doing quite well doing what they are doing. Corruption to the max is an everyday occurrence. It is acceptable behavior. They don't have to rv at all and can continue as they are now. They don't need to go international. As long as other countries are bailing them out, they're set. That I believe is the sad reality.
  5. all this faux rage wasted on something that wasn't said......amazing
  6. Pull all American military and administrative support out of the country now. Stop all financial assistance of any kind. The US has wasted time and money on this country. They need a dictator. Democracy does not work there.
  7. D.V. lotto games 1/9---1/10

    MM 07 36 40 47 62 mb 21 PB 01 02 11 51 52 pb 05
  8. Satan and the Clintons....yeah, makes sense

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