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  1. I would imagine there are close to 300m+ guns in private ownership. I have my share, although in recent years I have been culling my collection. Karsten, I too am a 45 fan. Carry my Kimber .45 CDP+ daily. I too am NRA, Benefactor member. I have been in a situation where I had to almost take a life once in my life, in defense of my own. I am thankful I didn't have too.
  2. I am focusing ahead. Your goddess Hillarious lost. Get over it!
  3. what a joke of a human being Obama is. also, free press corp my a$$. Democrat party press corp more like it.
  4. Trump has not had a fair shake since he started because of Obama and his shadow govt. All because Hillarious lost.
  5. these are not opinions of ordinary Americans. These are congressman and other never Trumper officials. It's time to call them out. They are the treasonous ones trying to undermine the govt. So are you calling Trump a dictator? What has he done to show that?
  6. Honestly, if I were Trump and knew who those were that are saying these things about emotional stability and the generals that say they wouldnt follow orders, I WOULD HAVE THEM IN CHAINS!!!
  7. d.v. lotto games 11/ 10 11/11

    pb 11/11 25 34 47 50 67 pb 15
  8. whats the big deal. they were already blue states
  9. Iranian Rial

    but don't those 2 articles referencing only in-country regs? I mean since they are not international yet. wonder how this will change when they do go international......time will tell I guess...
  10. Iranian Rial

    definitely want 4 0's removed
  11. wow. so the whole thing comes out that basically this is all about big countries, the US, footing the bill to bring small countries, Fiji, up to the 21 century. It's all about money and they want ours. AND BLOOMBERG AND BROWN DO NOT REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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