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  1. powerball 20 25 41 51 57 pb21 mega 07 40 48 52 71 mb01
  2. the US sanctions can't be that strict. European countries already have multi-million/billion dollar deals signed. this will be interesting
  3. 1. if it hit's a dollar, i'm done. heck if it hits .50, I'm 2. yeah, thats the biggie. where, if not in the US, then hopefully we'll be invading Canada and PP.
  4. I hope you are right. I just checked the rial sales site and it's not showing toman so that is good. still selling rial though.
  5. seems they are getting their ducks in a row financially, but I'm kinda bummed and confused with this currency change possibility. I guess we wait and hopefully Iran won't screw us over and say our rial is worthless.
  6. the feds could drop about 500,000 employees and we'd get along just fine. close to 2 million employees is ridiculous.
  7. dinar was sold at US Banks. I don't think they would risk any federal or international rules being broken.
  8. so is Iran just not ready to pull the trigger? seems so.....
  9. 05 20 22 44 65 pb 19
  10. click on the link. the pictures says it all. 99% able bodied men who are either to lazy to work to rebuild their own country OR are muslim invaders doing what they're told. Taking over a country without firing a shot. FACT!
  11. there was a time when certain govt groups, city or state, had the option to opt out of SSI. I am trying to find the info on it but there was a group in Texas I believe, a city govt group that did that and took the same amount of money from the peoples checks and invested it in some high yield annuity. After 30 years, these folks are retiring as millionaires. I am all for that but getting your money rolled over nowadays would be close to impossible from the feds. I am trying to find that article. It is several years old but I will post if I find it.