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New political alliances in 2012

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Palm - likely MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc Farhad Messenger to see the political process, new alliances after the American withdrawal, ruling out the mass withdrawal from the political process.

Messenger said during a media statement: that the U.S. withdrawal will affect the political process may be seen in new alliances and the withdrawal of the mass of deputies and their joining to another cluster, ruling bloc to withdraw from the government, because the government built on the basis of national partnership.

The Messenger of the volatile security situation after the U.S. withdrawal is subject to the togetherness of the political blocs, noting that the security situation "get worse" after the withdrawal, because the Americans have had a major role in controlling the security situation in spite of the control of Iraqi security forces on some of the violations calling blocs of political compromise for their personal interests and partisan for the unity of Iraq.

Earlier, the MP for the expected mass of the white Iraqi Kazem al-Shammari, the political map will change after the withdrawal, including a rapprochement between adversaries.

Al-Shammari said in an earlier statement: there is no justification for the continuation of discounts the political blocs among themselves, as well as media statements convulsive, and they come together and win a stage, adding that the map of political alliances will change after the American withdrawal will be towards the convergence of political difference between the adversaries in the political process.

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